Best of the Year, Midnight Movie Reviews Special (Part 2)

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  • Jeremy

    Great show last night! Is there anyway to generate a list of all 3 of your "Best Films of 2012" list?

  • luther

    There use to be a way we could download the podcasts please bring it back…so people on the go can listen on their mp3 players. Also where did all the older podcasts go? and all the little segments of the show that were usually podcasted…

  • Glenn

    I can't push what Jeremy and Luther say in previous posts about info that used to be on your old website. You used to post the list on a link with the current lists from you, Colin and Eric. You also had your best of lists going back into the 80's. It was also great to check out the older lists and then hit my Netflix queue.

    As a sidebar, you used to be on Sunday nights too. Hosts disappearing. We are witnessing the decline of WGN; a shame! I could see it all the way from PA.

  • ALEX

    Linguist by trade, guys, and the script for "Lincoln" is extraordinary!!! Every word, phrase — so true to the epoch and geographical location…and "Beasts" is my fav….I'll be hearing "Beast it" every time I see a plate of crustaceans…..Luv you all —

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