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  • Joy Smage

    Now picture this picture with 25 more baseball fields around it, parking lots for a couple thousand cars, (parents and workers) , dozens and dozens of poles full of flood lights, cabins for players, indoor sports facility, shops, etc., etc. It reminds me of how out of place the little old Hawaiian church on Waikiki looks hemmed in by towering hotels. Add the blare of loudspeakers which will drown out the sound of corn growing on a summer day and of crickets chirping on a summer evening. What would be left to love about the place? I just can't get out of my mind the Chicago NBC interview with Denise – "How to Invest in Famous Properties and Turn Fabulous Profits." It will be a crime if this property gets desecrated for fabulous profit . Profits will go to a few; the costs will be borne by many in the Dyersville community if this comes about.

  • Bill

    Progress is good in most situations, but the concerns expressed by David Blanchard and Joy Smage are not without merit. I have also wondered about the impact a sprawling development will have on the serene and untainted atmosphere the Field of Dreams movie site has maintained for the past 24 years. I know all about the ambience–I've been there six times.
    Preliminary drawings already show parking lots will replace the two large fields on either side of the long, dual driveways leading up to the famous farmhouse and ball diamond. I can't imagine that being a plus. The new owners plan to build a 24-field baseball/softball complex, and I'm already wondering why arrangements haven't been made for this influx of new traffic to enter the proposed facility from the backside of the property. Or from the sides. Anywhere but the front. If that means buying property from adjoining neighbors to make it happen, then so be it. I'm going to track the progress of All Star Ballpark Heaven from my website, and I'm hoping die-hard Field of Dreams fans will still have a worthwhile shrine to flock to when the dust finally settles.
    Bill Lewis

  • Eric Boerner

    I've taught my four daughters how to play baseball; they learned well and played in HS and on a few travel teams. Lots of trophies. I went to the Field Of Dreams this past year for the first time hoping to beat any 'development'. As I pulled up to the long and isolated drive leading to The Field, I became the student. And I realized that this was indeed a classroom, very little to do with Baseball. I learned: 1) Your surroundings, when well-chosen, help you to honor the Past and the people who lived in it, 2) You have but one chance at purity, it's easily tarnished, 3) If you pose a question to a field of corn and listen closely, the first breeze rustling through it, gives you answers, 4) 'Art' does truly, imitate 'Life'. I've carefully selected the schools and colleges that my children have or will attend; nothing can replace a good education. I hope and pray for them to be able to experience – without busses, loudspeakers, crowded traffic and commercialism – the education I received about contemplation and Life at The Field of Dreams. It's a Finishing School with no equal. Save it. Please.

  • Lindsay

    I can't help but shed a tear every time I read about this. I grew up visiting The Field of Dreams. I have the most wonderful memories there and was hoping my children could have the same memories and have pride in where they live. It was an amazing feeling knowing that a great movie was made just 20 minutes from my home. I can't believe it is going to be turned into some purely profit making mega sports complex. It's ridiculous! How is that giving pride to our future generation? I couldn't be more disappointed in the choices of some people!

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