Plier: Rich Koz Talks about His Health Scare

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    We wish you all the best during your recovery and convalescence! I've been a fan since your wee early days on WFLD on Saturday nights. Glad to hear you'll back in the springtime. And like Studs Terkel use to say "….take care, but TAKE IT!"!

  • anonymous

    Great interview! Wishing you well in your recovery. Looking forward to seeing you hosting the Stooge s again. Glad that Svengoolie shows are still playing. Thinking of you. Take it easy.

  • Lin Roberts

    Dear Rich,
    Glad to hear your voice and that your alright ! I asked my husband if he had heard anything about
    "Ole Sven" and he said no. We've been so worried about you. Glad to hear your doing alright.
    Hope to see you soon,
    L. & E.

  • Sandra

    Have loved the Stooges every Saturday night. It's hard to know what to do without that show. Lots of great memories. Thank you for all you do. I miss you and wish you God speed! My friend John and I used to watch the Stooges together, even though we were 60 miles apart. After ten years, I am still watching as I hope he is too!

  • Johnny in NY

    A Saturday night without Svengoolie, is like Carters Little Pills without the Liver ! ( LOL ) did ya get it ?? No !?!?

  • Guest

    Hey Rich. Hello from northwest Indiana! I'm really happy to hear you sounding so upbeat. You're missed by more people than you probably know on Saturday nights, but please take all the time you need to get better!

  • itssirv

    Have been thinking about you ever since this setback happened. I have been watching you since I was a kid and still tune into your show at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, and yes, I even bought a Sven t-shirt. I wish you a speedy recovery, take it easy and we'll see you soon!

  • A. Hiller

    I am so happy to hear that you are ok. I watched the original Svengoolie and then you came on as The Son of Svengoolie. I am a Classic Movie Monster Fan and I never get tired of watching you and the trivia is awesome. I pray you will take your time and fully recover before you return to work. God bless you and your family.

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