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Epic tornado hits Oklahoma

A 2-mile wide tornado cut a path of destruction 12-miles long through the suburbs south of Oklahoma City, creating widespread destruction

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A TV crew was there as a survivor of the Oklahoma tornado found her dog in the rubble of what had been their home.


Bill Leff visits with Michelle Apon, meteorologist and social media anchor for KOKH FOX 25 in Oklahoma city.


Brian Noonan checks in with Randy Renner at KTOK in Oklahoma City after tornadoes ripped through that area. A mile-wide tornado destroyed numerous buildings and left many injured or killed. Despite all the chaos, people are still hopeful and helpful, including offering shelter to those whose homes were destroyed.


WGN Radio legend Max Armstrong describes the scene at the Oklahoma City airport as the tornado approached. Armstrong also thinks back on the Plainfield tornado and discusses what it means to be in tornado alley.


Max Armstrong

At least 24 people were killed by a massive 2-mile wide tornado that tore a 20-mile path of destruction through the suburbs south of Oklahoma City. The official death toll was revised down on Tuesday morning, though many more are missing. Much of the devastation was centered in the town of Moore, which was also hit by a tornado in 1999. First responders continue to search for the missing among the remains of buildings, including several schools, many of which were reduced to piles of rubble.

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2-mile-wide tornado leaves epic devastation in Moore, Oklahoma

This time-lapse video of the Oklahoma tornado puts a new perspective on its path of destruction:

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Extreme meteorologist and storm chaser Reed Timmer joins Bill Leff to relay his experience intercepting a tornado while in Oklahoma.  To read and see more about Timmer’s storm chasing visits his website

(This interview was recorded hours before the devastating Oklahoma tornado of May 20, 2013.)



Reed Timmer is an extreme meteorologist and host of the hit web series Tornado Chasers.  In this podcast, he and Bill Leff review the amazing weather phenomena he’s experienced and how you can help create season two of the show including a chance to chase a tornado with him.


Reed Timmer (Zap2It)