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Epic tornado hits Oklahoma

A 2-mile wide tornado cut a path of destruction 12-miles long through the suburbs south of Oklahoma City, creating widespread destruction

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Steve talks with Josh Cary, of The American Humane Association Red Star Emergency Services.

red star

Carol Sperry and a friend saw the disaster in Oklahoma and were inspired into action. They’ve organized two semi trucks that will haul supplies to those experiencing the devastation in Moore, OK. Ms. Sperry explains to Turi what is needed and where people can go to donate goods and/or money.


Garry talks about some Oklahoma residents who took refuge from the tornado in a bank vault and some storm chaser talk.


This is the vault where 14 Tinker Federal Credit Union employees and eight members rode out yesterday’s tornado in Moore and emerged safely afterward. (

As the shock of the tornado turns to more practical thoughts of recovery and rebuilding, Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett gives insight into the devastation left behind by Monday’s deadly tornado.


In the wake of the Oklahoma City tornado, WGN TV’s Tom Skilling speaks about his personal experiences with tornadoes, how they work, and how local meteorologists know when a twister is coming.


WGN-TV chief meteorologist Tom Skilling chasing tornadoes on Hwy 11 near town of Wakita, Grand County, Oklahoma, on Monday, May 10, 2010. Wakita is where the movie “Twister” filmed their F4 tornado devastation. (Zbigniew Bzdak / Chicago Tribune)

Garry Meier and Tom Skilling talk with guest WGN Radio’s Max Armstrong about his observations after being in Oklahoma City during the tornadio.


Max Armstrong

The day after a massive tornado swept through Moore, Okla., the suburb is a place of mourning for those lost. And it is a place for reunions of children with parents, with most residents marveling at how they survived the storm’s fury.


Trenda Purcell is reunited with her first grade son, Kamden Purcell, after the tornado destroyed Briarwood Elementary in Moore, Okla.


Mike speaks with reporter Steffan Tubbs from KOA in Denver, who is in Moore, Oklahoma, reporting on its recent disastrous tornado.


Johnny talks to Bea Carruth from Moore, OK, who lives only twenty blocks from the most severe tornado damage. Bea talks about what she always does when she hears those familiar sirens – she takes cover in her son’s cellar.