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French Teacher Martha Behlow nominated her exemplary student, Megan Rush, for Kid of the Week. Megan is not only a good student, but also extremely positive and helpful. Hear this week’s Kid of the Week winner talk about her passion for French and what her plans are for the future.


Kyle Snow teaches Social Studies at Mundelein Middle School. He asked for everyone in his classes to bring in a dollar for tornado relief. The students ended up raising over $700.  Representing the students is Skylar Thomas, who suggested they give all of the money to a specific family of tornado survivors.



Autumn sent a very generous and heartfelt donation to a Savers store which got the attention of the employees and Cathy Porto, who nominated her for Kid of the Week.


Leighton Costello was named the “Kid of the Week” after raising money for the WERTHy Foundation, which raises awareness and provides resources for families that treat or have a child with seizures/epilepsy.

For more information on the WERTHy Foundation visit:


Last week’s Kid of the Week sent an adorable thank-you letter to Steve Cochran. Ace Henry and his Pop Warner football team are trying to raise enough money to compete in the Disney World Wide of Sports Superbowl on December 6-7 in Orlando, FL.

Donate here:


Cochran’s Kid of the Week, Ace Henry, sent an adorable thank-you letter.

From selling popcorn door-to-door to performing magic shows for scholarship fundraisers, 9-year-old Magnus’ outgoing attitude earned him a submission to be a Steve Cochran Kid of the Week.



Magnus Schroeder never wants to miss a moment with his 17-year-old sister with special needs.  When he grows up he wants to be a hockey player, just like his favorite player Jonathon Toews.  Magnus’ devotion has named him as the Steve Cochran “Kid of the Week”

Magnus on air:

Magnus being nominated.


Bridget of Arlington Heights suffers anxiety and depression resulting from a stroke before she was born.  Her 10-year-old sister Gillian recently started her own company to help pay for a service dog that would assist Bridget.  Gillian’s actions have awarded her to be the Steve Cochran “Kid of the Week”.

For more info or to donate visit:

Gillian on air:

Gillian being nominated

If you know someone that should be a “Kid of the Week” email:


Erin Dunleavy, a senior at Maine South High School, has been volunteering the past 6 years of her life to Have Dreams, an organization that helps autistic children, and the Special Olympics.  Erin’s incredible actions have nominated her as The Steve Cochran Show‘s “Kid of the Week”.


Emily has a nine-year-old brother Noah and a twin sister Laine.  Both are dealing with Batten Disease, a rare illness that takes away speech, mobility, and balance.  Emily has raised over several hundred dollars and is now holding a gently used toy drive for her brother and sister and has been awarded the “Kid of the Week”.

For more information and/or to donate visit:

If you know someone that should be nominated to be a “Kid of the Week” contact: