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Protecting young athletes

As awareness grows of the long-term effects from concussions and other injuries, the question becomes how should we protect our children who play sports?

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Illinois State Rep. Carol Sente (D-Lincolnshire) introduces and explains the reasoning behind legislation aimed at protecting young athletes.


Bob Peiper, head football coach of Glenbrook North High School, states his allegiance to the IHSA and voices concerns regarding the bill.


Dr. Neeru Jayanthi explains research which found that focusing on a single sport may be more harmful than enjoying multiple physical activities, year-round.


Dr. Neeru Jayanthi practices what he preaches as he participates in a doubles tennis tournament in 2011 (Jeff Cagle / For the Chicago Tribune)

Attorney Joseph Siprut joins Mike to discuss the risk of head injuries in football. Siprut suggests ways to mitigate and police these injuries instead of turning a blind eye to the issues that are affecting football players in the college level as well as the NFL.

Football Player in helmet