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Woody’s Wiffle Ball Classic

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The First Annual Woody’s Wiffle Ball Classic and Wiffle for a Diffle Celebrity Home Run Derby and Game.

Woody’s Wiffle Ball Classic
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Thanks to Zack Price (Twitter @zackonomics, Facebook, Instagram @zcprice) for this unique perspective of the first annual Woody’s Wiffle Ball Classic!

Pete McMurray talks to Kerry Wood about his Wiffle Ball Challenge that went down at Wrigley Field this weekend. Visit the Wiffle Ball Challenge’s website here.


The man behind it all, Kerry Wood.

Tim Smithe, one of the Walter E. Smithe Furniture and Design brothers and player on a Woody’s Wiffle Ball Classic team, joins Pete on air to discuss the event. Follow him on Twitter here.


Tim Smithe, right, with his brothers Walter, left, and Mark. (Chicago Tribune Photo by Chris Walker)

Celebrities from Chicago, Hollywood and beyond assembled at Wrigley Field for the first annual Woody’s Wiffle Ball Classic.

Bill Moller talks to Kerry Wood, former Cubs pitcher, and actor Bill Murray at Woody’s Wiffle Ball Classic in Wrigley Field.


Bill Moller, Kerry Wood and Bill Murray.

You couldn’t have asked for better weather for the first annual Woody’s Wiffleball Classic at Wrigley Field!

Steve is joined Anna Davlantes, co-anchor of ‘Good Day Chicago,’ to talk about the first annual Woody’s Wiffle Ball Classic this Saturday at Wrigley Field.

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Garry talks with former Cubs pitcher Kerry Wood about his event, Woody’s Wiffle Ball Classic.


Kerry and Sarah Wood stop by Jonathon Brandmeier’s studio to talk about their Wiffle Ball Classic, surf lingo, binge-watching TV, new baseball rules, and more! Woody’s Wiffle Ball Classic is Saturday, August 10th at Wrigley Field. Tickets are on sale now at