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WGN Radio’s 90th Anniversary


WGN Radio’s 90th Anniversary
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Kathy and Judy recreate another photo from the WGN Radio vault to celebrate AM720’s 90th Anniversary.

In continuing celebration of WGN Radio’s 90th Anniversary, Patti Vasquez recreates another photo from WGN Radio’s photo vault. Listen to Pretty Late with Patti Vasquez, late nights from 11PM-2AM.

To celebrate the 90th Anniversary of WGN Radio, Bob Sirott, Marianne Murciano and Steve Bertrand recreate a classic WGN image of Kay Kyser presenting Miss Marion Elisberg a “victory” trophy to commemorate her reign as “Betty Co-Ed” during a homecoming festivity at the University of Chicago. Listen to Sirott and Murciano weekdays, noon-3p.m.

More photos from the dedication of the WGN Radio Walk of fame and the induction of the inaugural class of honorees, part of the station’s 90th Anniversary celebration.

Gallery 1 of 2 – ceremony (Scroll down for more photos):

Gallery 2 of 2 – reception for current and former WGN employees:


The WGN Radio Walk of Fame Class of 2014 (Glenn Kaupert)

In continuing celebration of WGN Radio’s 90th Anniversary, it’s another Throwback Thursday! This time Pete McMurray and Scott Miller recreate another iconic photo in WGN’s past. Listen to Pete McMurray weeknights, 7PM-11AM.

Join Bob Sirott and Steve Cochran as they welcome the first 10 legends into the WGN Radio Walk of Fame.


PHOTO: Dave Plier selfie with Spike O’Dell

Dave talks about his experience at the WGN 90th Anniversary event.


John Williams talked to Audrey Clarke, producer of Bob Collins, Tracy Weiner, producer of Spike O’Dell, and Randy Eccles, Kurt Vanderah, and Beth Swierk, producers of Kathy and Judy, about what life was like behind-the-scenes at WGN Radio.



L-R Audrey Clarke, Kurt Vanderah, Randy Eccles, Beth Swierk, and Tracy Weiner, former producers of some of the Walk of Fame inductees. (Tracy Weiner)

Mayor Emanuel presser on CPDs new crime fighting strategy

Pete McMurray talks to Mayor Rahm Emanuel about the 90th Anniversary of WGN Radio, if he would join Hillary Clinton in a run for the Presidency and what town fests he will be dancing at this summer!

Pete McMurray speaks to Orion Samuelson about the 90th Anniversary of WGN and what exactly is a hog future?