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TSA relaxes rules

The TSA has announced plans to relax their rules and allow items including small knives and various pieces of sporting equipment onto flights.  Many people are not happy.

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Sequestration-related cuts being made at regional airports cause Turi and Paula to wonder about inconsistencies in TSA policy on what is allowed through airport security. How are pool cues and hypodermic needles allowed, while wooden hair pins and pickled herring are not?


A TSA employee checks identification at a security checkpoint inside Terminal 3 at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport on Friday, February 22, 2013. (Chris Sweda/ Chicago Tribune)

The controversy continues…can you hijack an airplane with a pocket knife? A vet calls in and challenges the new TSA guidelines (and Buzz).


(South Florida Sun-Sentinel photo)

Johnny examines the new TSA guidelines for items that can be brought on planes with the help of TSA Public Affairs Representative Luis Casanova.


(South Florida Sun-Sentinel photo)