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Turmoil in Egypt

A coup ousts Mohamed Morsi. What is next for the government in Cairo and its relations with the world?

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Security forces in Egypt killed dozens of protesters who demanded the reinstatement of deposed President Mohamed Morsi.

The New York Times’ David Kirkpatrick dials in from Cairo to describe the current danger level in the capitol city, what he knows about the whereabouts of Mohamed Morsi and the ‘weird’ mood around Cairo and the country.


Middle East expert Micah Halpern speaks with Steve about the difference between what’s happening in Egypt and the standard Arab Spring coup, why Mohamed ElBaradei ultimately was not named into power over the weekend, and explains the seeming lack of patience with the process of tabbing a new government.


International relations expert Yvonne Davis talks about the unrest in Egypt and the military coup that removed Presdient Mohamed Morsi.

A look at the fast-moving events in Egypt, where the military says it has replaced President Mohamed Morsi.



Chaos in Cairo

Activist and media commentator Ahmed Rehab is on air with Mike discussing the situations arising in Egypt and how it might affect international relations and the U.S. economy.


Egypt Army Ousts Morsi, Calls Early Vote


Details on Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi’s televised response to the army’s ultimatum to step down, saying he will defend the constitution with his life.