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The race for Governor of Illinois

Election Day is not until November 4, 2014, but candidates are already lining up to become the next Governor of Illinois.

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Bruce Rauner is running for Governor of Illinois. He is in studio with Steve to talk about the four principles he is running on, and he gives his stand on a few hot button issues. Rauner previews his plans for a better Illinois.


For more information on Rauner and his campaign, visit his website here.


Bruce Rauner (Nancy Stone / Chicago Tribune)

Illinois State Secretary Dan Rutherford is on to give his stance on the recent pension bill. He believes that the bill in it’s current state is unconstitutional; Rutherford gives his opinion on what is needed to make it a working deal.



State treasurer Dan Rutherford  (Chuck Berman / Chicago Tribune)

Governor Pat Quinn, who plans on signing the pension bill, is on with Steve. He talks about what the bill will change, why it will be a positive change, and gives us what he says is it’s bottom line.


Gov. Quinn live in the Allstate Showcase Studio. (WGN Radio)

Illinois State Senator Bill Brady was a member of the committee which created the Pension Bill. He gives the rundown of what the deal says, who it affects, and how it will work.

For more information on Senator Brady’s campaign for governor, visit his website here.

Rick Pearson

Republican State Senator Bill Brady.

Illinois State Senator Kirk Dillard is on, talking about the proposed pension deal. He says he still wants to read the language of the bill before he forms his opinion. Dillard is also running for governor. For more information on the Senator, his run for governor, or any of the bills he supports, click here.


(Brian Cassella / Chicago Tribune)

Former Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady and Congressman Dan Lipinski came on The Steve Cochran Show to chat with Steve about the 2014 governor race and the potential government shutdown.

Brady resigns as Illinois GOP chairman

Governor Pat Quinn visited the Allstate Showcase Studio for The Steve Cochran Show to explain his approach to the $100 Billion pension problem.


Gov. Quinn live in the Allstate Showcase Studio. (WGN Radio)

Republican Governor candidate, Senator Kirk Dillard visited the 7th floor of the Tribune Tower to talk about his upcoming campaign for Governor. In this segment he addresses school funding issues, suburban poverty, developing geographic balance and representation, and pension reform.


State Sen. Kirk Dillard speaks to state party chairman Pat Brady during the Illinois GOP delegation breakfast Monday, Aug. 27, 2012 at the Sheraton Sand Key Resort in Clearwater Beach, Florida before the start of the Republican National Convention. (Brian Cassella / Chicago Tribune)

On Sunday, Rick Pearson interviewed Bill Daley about his run for governor.  A day after this interview, Daley dropped out of the race.


Steve chats with Sen. Dick Durbin about the shootings in DC, Bill Daley dropping his bid for governor, and the situation in Syria.

Durbin honors Hadiya, other gun violence victims