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The race for Governor of Illinois

Election Day is not until November 4, 2014, but candidates are already lining up to become the next Governor of Illinois.

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Republican candidate for governor Bruce Rauner is on the Steve Cochran show today, talking about his motivation for running for office. He also speaks about education in Illinois and Chicago and comments on the Rutherford scandal. Listen here for the full interview.


Bruce Rauner (Nancy Stone / Chicago Tribune)

Ill. Treasurer Dan Rutherford is on with Steve Cochran to respond to allegations of misconduct. Yesterday a former aide filed a federal lawsuit accusing Rutherford of sexual harassment and abuse of state time. Rutherford questions the timing of and motivation behind the suit.

Ex-employee accuses Rutherford of sexual harassment, political pressure

First the explosive allegations, now the firm denial all of this just weeks before the Illinois primaries. Looks like another hard fought game of political hot potatoright now, Dan Rutherford is facing questions about sexual harassment allegations.

The four Republican candidates for Illinois governor talk with the Tribune editorial board.

Eric Zorn discusses the gubernatorial race in Illinois. He also chats about how hard it is to get teenagers to open up about their lives.

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Pat Brady is in the studio to talk the latest in politics with Steve Cochran. He gives his take on the Chris Christie “Bridge-gate” scandal, the pension lawsuits, the republican candidates for governor, and the importance of debates. Brady also gives his predictions for which issues will be hot political topics throughout this year.

Brady resigns as Illinois GOP chairman

IL State Treasurer Dan Rutherford is on to talk about his campaign for governor. He talks about what distinguishes him in the primaries, the importance of the private sector over social issues, and being viewed as a “responsible republican.”


State treasurer Dan Rutherford greets supporters after announcing his candidacy for the Republican nomination for governor of Illinois, at Harry Caray’s restaurant, Sunday, June 2, 2013 in Chicago. (Chuck Berman / Chicago Tribune)

Bruce Rauner is on for our series with IL candidates for governor. He is a Republican candidate and responds to some of the critiques other candidates have made on the show. He talks the Illinois government budget, unemployment, minimum wage, and the state’s business climate. Find out how Rauner plans to turn Illinois around if he is elected.

Visit Rauner’s website here for more information on his campaign.


Bruce Rauner (Nancy Stone / Chicago Tribune)

Illinois State Senator Kirk Dillard is in the studio with Steve to talk about his campaign for governor. Steve asks him what he thinks of the other candidates and what his takes are on some of their platforms. Dillard talks about term limits, minimum wage, what to do with Madigan, and incentives.

Visit Dillard’s campaign site here.


Sen. Kirk Dillard live in the Allstate Showcase Studio. (WGN Radio)

Illinois State Senator Bill Brady is on the show to talk about his run for governor. He talks about several issues, including the pension reform bill, which he supported. He also talks about how Illinois needs leadership (and what he thinks this means for him.)

For information on more of his platforms and plans for Illinois, visit his website.

Rick Pearson

Republican State Senator Bill Brady. (WGN Radio)