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The race for Governor of Illinois

Election Day is not until November 4, 2014, but candidates are already lining up to become the next Governor of Illinois.

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Republican Candidate for Governor Bruce Rauner returned the program to discuss his tax returns, extensive mudslinging in campaigns, and what’s next for his campaign.


Bruce Rauner (Nancy Stone / Chicago Tribune)

Democratic Lt. Governor candidate Paul Vallas talks with Andrea Darlas and Anna Davlantes about Illinois politics and responds to the latest rounds of TV ads from GOP Governor candidate Bruce Rauner.


Paul Vallas live in the Allstate Showcase Studio (WGN Radio)

Bruce Rauner is proposing 10 key steps to reform state government and get rid of wasteful spending.  He joins Steve to give specifics: eliminate the executive shuttle and state plane, end slush funds, suspend pay and pension for the office of governor, combine the offices of comptroller and treasurer. Not all the steps are detailed, but they’re part of Rauner’s overall “Bring Back Blueprint.”



Bruce Rauner live in studio the day after winning the Illinois primary. (WGN Radio)

The pension reform bill signed by Gov. Pat Quinn will cut benefits and raise the retirement age for thousands of Chicago workers. Lt. gov. candidate Paul Vallas says it’s what the state needs.


Paul Vallas on pension reform (WGN Radio)

Roosevelt University political professor Paul Green joined Sirott and Murciano to talk about Bruce Rauner’s campaign tactics.


Roosevelt University Professor Paul Green with Sirott and Murciano. (WGN Radio)

Governor Pat Quinn stops by the Allstate Showcase Studios with Dave Plier to talk about the state’s efforts to support our veterans, Dave’s friend who was killed by an IED in Iraq and his Memorial Day schedule.



PHOTO: Dave Plier and Governor Pat Quinn at WGN’s Allstate Showcase Studios.


Gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner talks to Dave Plier about what Memorial Day means to him and his activities scheduled to honor the military.



Photo Courtesy of the Bruce Rauner Campaign.

Bruce Rauner joins the Steve Cochran show from Springfield today, where the candidate for governor says he has collected more than double the 250,000 signatures needed to petition for term limits in state government. He also comments on the graduated income tax and the Obama presidential library. Listen below for this and more from Bruce Rauner.



Bruce Rauner live in studio the day after winning the Illinois primary. (WGN Radio)



Gov. Pat Quinn stopped by the Allstate Showcase Studio this morning to talk with Steve. They discussed Chicago sports, the housing market, the campaign trail, and the recent “disturbing”  influx of murders in Chicago. Visit for more information on the housing initiative, and visit for information on Quinn’s reelection campaign.

Quinn stops by the Cochran show

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn in the Allstate Showcase Studio (WGN Radio photo)

Bob and Marianne invite our friend, Walter Jacobson, back to the studio to give us his perspective on the ongoing battle for governor between Rauner and Quinn.