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State of the Union 2013

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Senator Marco Rubio stopped his response to President Obama’s State of the Union, so he could drink water. The brief pause lit up social media outlets.


President Obama shares a fist bump with Sen. Mark Kirk before the State of the Union address.

Lauren Ashburn, editor and chief of Daily, joins Carol to discuss issues surrounding The State of the Union address.

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On-air editor for CNBC, Rick Santelli, joins Carol to discuss one key topic from The State of the Union… education.

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CNBC’s Rick Santelli (E. Jason Wambsgans / Chicago Tribune)

WGN’s Political Analyst Paul Green joins Mike to discuss the hot topics of the State of the Union address.


Pledging to revive a “rising, thriving middle class,” President Barack Obama promised Tuesday night to create solid new jobs without raising the federal deficit. He’s calling for a “smarter government” but not a bigger one.