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Rihanna at Barrington High School

It took a while for her to get there, but when she did, Rihanna was welcomed to Barrington High School by fans happy to see the singer.


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Johnny talks to Barrington High juniors Catherine and Jacob about Rihanna’s tardiness to her live appearance at the school – the pop star was over four hours late. The school earned the visit from her by winning the “Shine Bright Like a Diamond” video contest.


After waiting over four hours, students at Barrington High School were treated to a visit from singer Rihanna.


Garry talks about Rihanna being 4 hours late to a charity event at Barrington High School he also has guest Peter Chung, student at Barrington talk with Garry about his experience waiting for her to show up and Garry’s listeners share their thoughts on Rihanna and divas like that in general.


Rihanna performs at the United Center in Chicago on Wednesday August 25, 2010. (Marina Makropoulos / for the Chicago Tribune)

Students at Barrington High School wait for an appearance by Rihanna.  The singer did eventually arrive, about 4 1/2 hours later than scheduled.