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New Year’s 2014 Snow and Deep Freeze

It started as a forecast of several inches of snow for New Year’s Eve, disrupting plans for celebrations.  Then it grew to several days of snow, the most since the 2011 blizzard.  And then 36 straight hours of temperatures below zero.

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Chicago’s morning 1-minute weather forecast

Lake County, Indiana declared a State of Emergency with only emergency and law enforcement vehicles allowed on the roads.
The Indiana State Patrol shut down parts of I-65, I-80, and 94 because the blowing snow was so bad.

Coldest temps in 20 years: Skilling full forecast

Skilling Update: Record cold spell set to begin

Press conference at the City of Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications, Sunday, 1/5/14, with an update on the snow and forecast for brutally cold temperatures and wind chills.


Chicago OEMC (Andrea Darlas / WGN Radio)

Weather update from the WGN Weather Center

Jim Ramsey’s Saturday night full and 7 day forecast.

Chicago’s evening weather forecast

Tom Skilling is forecasting below zero temperatures to start off the week.

Tom Skilling’s full weather foreecast – 1/3/14