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New Year’s 2014 Snow and Deep Freeze

It started as a forecast of several inches of snow for New Year’s Eve, disrupting plans for celebrations.  Then it grew to several days of snow, the most since the 2011 blizzard.  And then 36 straight hours of temperatures below zero.

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Temps climb above zero: Skilling full forecast

Tom Skilling’s Tuesday midday full forecast.

For the first time in a few days, I-65 is back open in Northwest Indiana. Transportation officials had closed the interstate, between Merrillville and Lafayette, because of blinding snow.

Amtrak is evacuating hundreds of passengers stranded on three trains near Mendota, Illinois.

End of brutal cold in sight: Skilling full forecast

Chicago battles dangerous deep freeze

Mayor Rahm Emanuel speaks at a press conference about the extreme weather conditions that are current;y hindering Chicagoans to travel.

Tom Skilling’s full weather forecast – 1/6/13

WGN Radio’s Nick Digilio demonstrates how cold it is in Chicago on Monday, January 6, 2014, with a pair of experiments involving water.

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn stopped by WGN Morning News to talk about his Winter Storm Preparedness Plan for the state.