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Missing women found in Cleveland

Three women, all missing for the better part of a decade, were found alive, along with a child, in a home in Cleveland not far from where they had lived.

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Garry talks about the Cleveland Ohio kidnap situation and praises everything that is happening with new hero phenomenon Charles Ramsey.

*Podcast from: 05/07/2013


Johnny talks about Charles Ramsey, the Cleveland man who helped free three missing women from his neighbor’s house. First, his account of the rescue went viral, then it got remixed into an auto-tuned song, and now McDonald’s is tweeting his praises.


Media storm outside Amanda Berry’s home as sister makes statement

Elizabeth Yore, a child advocate, joins Carol to talk about the unusual facts around the Cleveland kidnapping case and the reality check we can learn from this happier ending.

If you do see something you need to report, call-1-800-the-lost .

3 Missing Women Found Alive a Decade Later in Ohio

Dr. Mark Reineke, Chief division of Psychology at Northwestern Medicine, talks to Carol Roth about the psychology behind the kidnapped girls in Cleveland and what they may have been going through.

3 Missing Women Found Alive a Decade Later in Ohio

A decade after their disappearance, three women have been found alive, all inside the same home in a Cleveland neighborhood.