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George Zimmerman trial

George Zimmerman is on trial for the death of Trayvon Martin.

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Case Closed?

John Lott, contributor to Fox News, is on-air with Mike discussing his recent article which claims that although it the verdict hasn’t been met officially, the Zimmerman trial is already basically over.


As a jury considers the continuing evidence being presented in Florida as to whether George Zimmerman acted with malice or in self defense in killing Trayvon Martin, Judge Alex Ferrer and Steve discuss the arguments presented so far at the trial, including whether the verdict will come down to ‘Stand Your Ground’ law interpretation and if the prosecution has done a sloppy job in presenting its case.


Mike talks to Horace Cooper of Project 21. They discuss the George Zimmerman trial, its media coverage and how its outcome could effect American society.


Attorney Karen Conti is on air with Mike discussing the logistics and realities of the George Zimmerman trial.