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Flight 370


Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared while flying between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing. As teams search for the Boeing 777, the world waits and wonders what happened.

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Travel expert Peter Greenberg joins the Cochran show live from Dubai. He is on to discuss the untold story of the “money side” of the Malaysian airlines tragedy. The technicalities of insurance may lead to years of litigation for the victims’ families.  Listen below for the full story:



William Sager, a professor of geophysics at the University of Houston, talks to Matt Bubala about how difficult it is for search teams to look for missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 in the Indian Ocean, an area Professor Sager has explored himself.

Will Sager 2008

University of Houston professor Will Sager.

Matt Bubala and Anna Davlantes talk with Bob Clifford of Clifford Law Offices about the recent, and arguably premature lawsuit that has been filed against Boeing after the the Malaysian flight disappearance.


Bob Clifford of Clifford Law Offices.



Aviation expert Jim Tilmon joins the Steve Cochran show once again to discuss some of the questions he has regarding the missing Malaysian Air flight, listen below for Jim’s take on the case.





Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak says a new analysis of satellite data shows that the missing Malaysia Airlines plane plunged into the southern Indian Ocean.


Rob Mark, pilot and publisher, is on with Steve Cochran to discuss the mystery surrounding Flight 370. He cuts through the rumors and gives the facts, as well as informed ideas, about what could have happened to the airplane. Read Mark’s article here.


Former Chicago weatherman and aviation expert Jim Tilmon is with us today talking about the missing Air Malaysia flight, which Jim suspects was stolen in a well-developed plan. Listen to the interview below for more from Jim Tilmon.


Matt Bubala talks with Peter Greenberg, The Travel Detective, about what could have possibly happened to missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.


Michael O’Hanlon is an expert in foreign policy and defense issues. He addresses potential foreign policy snags related to the missing flight and weighs in briefly on the situation in Ukraine.


Iranian men using stolen passports to board missing plane identified