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‘Fiscal Cliff’

Congress and the President are negotiating to find a way to avoid sending the country over the “Fiscal Cliff.”

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David Walker served as Comptroller General of the United States and head of the Government Accountability Office before founding the Comeback America Initiative.  In this podcast, he analyzes the shortcomings of the fiscal cliff agreement and our elected officials with Bill Leff.

Political analyst Paul Lisnik talks about the fiscal cliff bill passing the House.

President Obama says the fiscal cliff deal makes the tax code more fair, while helping the US avoid falling back into recession. The President spoke after the House passed the bill Tuesday night.


The fiscal cliff deal is now going to the House of Representatives, after the Senate passed it 89-8 early New Year’s Day. The measure aims to avoid a series of tax hikes and spending cuts, set to kick in with the new year.


The White House reached agreement with congressional Republicans late Monday on a deal to prevent tax increases and spending cuts to government programs from taking effect at midnight, according to administration and Senate Democratic officials.


Obama dicusses fiscal cliff deal

Norah O’Donnell looks at a calendar to help explain what happens if a “fiscal cliff” deal isn’t reached.


Illinois State Senator, and Pete McMurray’s cousin, Darin LaHood joins Pete live in studio to chat about the ”fiscal cliff,” gambling expansion and much more.