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Cruise nightmare

The cruise liner Carnival Triumph suffered an engine room fire that resulted in the shutdown of critical systems.  As a result, the thousands of people on board have had to suffer through days of unbearable conditions as the boat was towed to shore.

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Would you want to be on a cruise ship with 4,000 people? Turi examines the unfortunate incident of Carnival Triumph and debates the pros and cons of being on a cruise with her friend “Judy,” a cruise ship employee.

RAW: Rescue underway for stranded cruise liner

Renowned maritime lawyer Jim Walker discusses what recourse (if any) passengers on the Carnival Triumph may have with Bill Leff.

Carnival Triumph: Voyage of the damned returns to port

Nightmare Cruise Finally Ends in Alabama

Jim Copeland, Triumph passenger and Kap’s brother-in-law, relates his experience on the malfunctioning cruise ship since an engine room fire left the ship immobile in the Gulf of Mexico with limited power.


Carnival Triumph (US Coast Guard photo)

Carnival Triumph arrives in Mobile, Alabama, ending an ordeal for thousands of passengers and crew.

The Carnival Triumph, damaged days ago by an engine room fire, slowly approaches port in Mobile, AL, where thousands of people will finally be able to disembark and find relief in the form of food, running water and comfortable temperatures.

Stranded Carnival cruise ship set to dock at Alabama port after four days at sea.