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Crisis in Ukraine

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Author and analyst Micah Halpern joins the Steve Cochran show once again, this time to talk about the situation in Ukraine, including Putin’s motives, and why Ukraine shouldn’t fear Russia’s involvement.


(Chicago Tribune / NDN)

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin is on with Steve Cochran. He discusses the crisis in Ukraine, Putin’s possible motives and how Russia is applying pressure. He also discusses a bipartisan proposal to reform FEMA regulations. He and Mark Kirk are working for change so that smaller areas like Washington, Ill. are able to get the financial assistance they need in times of disaster.


Senator Dick Durbin live in the Allstate Showcase Studio.

Space expert Rod Pyle explains how the crisis in Ukraine could leave a U.S. astronaut stranded in space in this conversation with Nick Digilio.  Plus thoughts on NASA’s new budget and life on Mars.

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Nick Digilio visits with Pat James -Dean’s professor of International Relations and Director for the Center for International Studies at USC – about the situation in Ukraine and the potential fallout for the United States, Russia and the world.

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U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger (Ill. 16th District) is on with Pete McMurray to discuss aide for Ukraine in this time of crisis. His main idea is to freeze President Vladimir Putin’s assets.


Micah Halpern has written a book about despots entitled Thugs, and he stops by the Steve Cochran show to talk about the situation with Russia and Ukraine.


(Chicago Tribune / NDN)

Paul Green talks with Bob and Marianne about the current protests and riots happening in Ukraine.


Professor Paul Green with Sirott and Murciano. (WGN Radio)