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Crisis in Syria

The United States may take military action against Syria after what the U.S. says was a chemical attack.

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Senior fellow at The Brookings Institution Michael O’Hanlon joined the morning show to discuss defense and foreign policy issues


Rick Pearson and Judy Pielach analyze President Barack Obama’s request that Congress delay its Syria vote to pursue diplomacy, while reserving the right to respond to the Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons on its citizens with a “targeted” military strike if need be.

Watch the speech below:


Bob and Marianne talk with Clarence Page about what Barack Obama will talk about in his speech to America tonight  (9/10/2013) about the plans for Syria. Also they get into the entire Syria situation and what Obama’s options could be.


Clarence Page (Bill Hogan / Chicago Tribune)

Syria has accepted a Russian proposal to hand over its chemical weapons as it faces the threat of a U.S. military strike.


Steve discusses Syria with Micah Halpern, Middle East expert and author of the book “THUGS”.


Steve talks with former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer about Syria, and gets his thoughts on whether or not President Obama should order a strike.


Dr. Tom Mockaitis, Professor of History DePaul Univertsity, talks with Dean about the situation in Syria. They discuss the current events happening and what might we expect.


Dave Plier and Dr. Tom Mockaitis- Professor of History at DePaul University. talk about the current situation in Syria and the issue of President Obama placing the decision of executing a military strike on the U.S. Congress.


President Barack Obama says he will seek congressional authorization for the use of force in Syria. He says congressional leadership plans to hold a debate and a vote as soon as Congress comes back in September.


President Obama says he has not made a final decision about a military strike against Syria, but he is considering a limited and narrow action in response to a chemical weapons attack that he says Syria’s government carried out last week.