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2014 Pride Parade

Sun and smiles and supporters greeted marchers in the 2014 Chicago Pride Parade where couples were married on the WGN Radio float.


Walking in the 2014 Pride Parade.

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This year at the Chicago Pride Festival, WGN Radio got a float and decided to have some favorite personalities to marry people during the parade. John Williams talks about the day. Listen to John Williams, weekday, 10AM-12PM.

Kathy O’Malley wasn’t just a minister performing actual marriages on the WGN Radio float at the 2014 Pride Parade.  She was also busy taking photos of the event. Here are some of the best:



Judy Markey looks on as a couple celebrates their vows.

The sun was out as Chicago celebrated marriage equality in Illinois at the 2014 Pride Parade.

Bonus audio – Two of our ordained ministers conduct actual marriages during the parade while riding the WGN Radio float:

Kathy O’Malley:

John Williams:

Photo gallery:


Three of our ordained ministers: (L-R) Kathy O’Malley, John Williams and Judy Markey