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Renovating Wrigley

The Cubs and owner Tom Ricketts are looking to make renovations to Wrigley Field with goals of modernizing the historic park’s facilities and increasing revenue opportunities. Various groups oppose elements of the plans. And, some have come forward with their own proposals for the Cubs.

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Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts commented talked about the Wrigley Field renovation deal reached between the team and the City of Chicago.

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City Hall and the Cubs announced an agreement Sunday to renovate iconic Wrigley Field, a $500 million plan that gets owner Tom Ricketts nearly everything he sought, even as it leaves questions about the impact on rooftop owners and the neighborhood.

The framework, reached over the weekend after weeks of daily closed-door negotiations that capped years of wrangling, clears the way for the Cubs to submit formal plans for the ballpark rehab and a nearby hotel and office building that ownership contends are needed to raise the money necessary to help turn the long-suffering team into a contender.

If all goes as planned, Mayor Rahm Emanuel will have helped engineer a major economic boost for the city without a hit on taxpayers. Ricketts gets more night games and lucrative advertising signs, even if some of his plans were scaled back a bit. Less certain is the plan’s effect on owners of rooftop clubs, some of whom could see their views partially blocked as the clock ticks down on their agreement with the team.

The outcome also is less clear for Ald. Thomas Tunney, 44th, who played a key role in negotiations.

For the rest of Chicago, the agreement is a signal that the 99-year-old stadium, loved for its old-time charm but reviled for its ancient amenities, will enter a new era that Emanuel characterized as a major victory.

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Wrigley renovations may include ballpark-sized parking garage

Garry and Andrea briefly talk about the Wrigley deal having another obstacle besides the Jumbotron and how the  community doesn’t want night games, plus WGN’s David Kaplan talks with Garry more about the Wrigley deal.

Alderman has demands for Wrigley Field plans

Garry talks about the Wrigley deal still nowhere near being done.

Alderman has demands for Wrigley Field plans

Chicago Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts talks to WGN-TV’s Pat Tomasulo on opening day about the ongoing negotiations surrounding renovations to Wrigley Field. (WGN-TV)

Garry talks about the proposed new Jumbotron at Wrigley Field and WGN’s  Jordan Bernfield talks with Garry about Cubs negotiations.

Cubs jumbotron is sticking point in Wrigley Field renovation deal

A plan to renovate Wrigley Field may include a new parking garage almost as big as the ballpark.

The Chicago Cubs’ owners have backed off their self-imposed April 1 deadline for an agreement on the renovation of Wrigley Field.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is sounding optimistic that the Chicago Cubs and their Wrigley Field neighbors will settle their differences over a new video screen and more night games at the ballpark.

Garry and listeners chat about Wrigley Field, rooftop owners, Jumbo Tron and, how, in general, Wrigley can be fixed.

Alderman has demands for Wrigley Field plans