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  • The Markets 4/21/17: Stocks dip Friday prior to French election

    Steve Alexander, in for Orion, talks to Susan Schmidt about President Trump’s tax promises. Later, Max Armstrong discusses commodities with David Hightower of the Hightower Report.

  • Tip yourself to better behavior

    Tip Yourself CEO Mike Lenz built a network for you and others to throw yourself a tip as a personal reward for good work. The app can help change your behavior and get you over that hump for those errands you’ve been putting off. Lenz says the secret to building better behavior is recognizing the small moments.

  • Geeks Assemble! C2E2 strikes back this weekend

    Mike Armstrong is the event coordinator for C2E2, the major comic book and pop-culture expo for the Midwest. Mike talks with Scott about the exciting offerings at this weekend’s event.

  • How Scott became this week’s Biggest Winner through a refinance

    David Hochberg talks to a listener named Scott that saved life changing money through a perfectly refinanced adjustable rate mortgage.

  • How to Flip a House Like A Pro with author Margaret Wright and Nate Lindquist

    The Mod Squad and Graco Funes chat with “Flip Chick” Margaret Wright, author of “A Girls Guide To Building Wealth,” and Nate Lindquist. Today’s guests teach us how to be your own boss and begin to flip houses just like they do on popular TV shows!

  • Legalizing marijuana, Eli Manning sued, law school trends, Bennifer, Blago & Aaron Hernandez in this week’s Legal Face-Off

    Legal Face-Off welcomes Fordham University School of Law Professor Deborah Denno to discuss Arkansas’ pause on executions. WTTW Chicago Tonight’s Amanda Vinicky and State Representative Kelly Cassidy discuss legalizing marijuana in Illinois. Attorney Brian Brook joins Rich & Jason to discuss his lawsuit against the NY Giants & quarterback Eli Manning for fake memorabilia. DePaul College of Law Dean Jennifer Rosato Perea discusses law school trends. Finally, in the Legal Grab Bag, Rich & Jason cover breaking news involving Rod […]

  • Chicago Chicken Challenge: Issued by Kelly Leonard with co-host Zatanna Zor-Elle

    Kelly Leonard issued a genius Chicago Chicken Challenge to Craig for this week’s show. All Craig needed was a fabulous co-host and, of course, model, actress, extraordinary human Zatanna Zor-Elle agreed! Please follow Craig if you’d like to try the challenge! And find the “Chicken Car” somewhere in Chicago! P.S. Special Thanks to Honey Butter Fried Chicken for letting us record and for being Craig’s favorite spot!!

  • Kathryn Pisco has the connection for students seeking humanitarian trips

    Unearth the World CEO and Technori Showcase alum Kathryn Pisco continues her mission of pairing international non-profits with individuals seeking to get involved with meaningful humanitarian work and evolve the normal university model for international education.

  • Swishlinks is the social network for the gig economy

    Swishlinks Marketing Strategist Isabelle Golczynski and Brand Coordinator Alexandra Ofori-Atta are launching a professional social network focused on visual presentation. The platform shows worker passion within traditional resumes, putting creativity at the forefront.

  • How a ‘Shark Tank’ pitch boosted Guard Llama

    Fresh off appearing on ABC’s Shark Tank, Guard Llama Co-Founders Joe Parisi and Adam Havey stopped in to discuss how the TV experience impacted their safety device company and how they acquired a living llama for the show.