I’m Cody Gough, producer of the Brian Noonan Show since 2008 and regular on-air contributor to Brian’s and several other shows. I currently co-host Brian’s web-exclusive podcasts as well as the lifestyle podcast Game/Life Balance U.S. on WGN Plus, the official podcast network of WGN Radio.

I moonlight as a video game enthusiast and commercial actor. One of my most recent projects was portraying the nerdy college student Ray in Arts & Crafts: A Web Series, and I regularly perform with EEK Entertainment in various sketch comedy productions in Chicago. I’m a graduate of the Second City Conservatory and iO Theater improv programs and have performed in Second City and iO Theater student shows, Gorilla Tango Theater productions, and various films, web productions and industrial/commercial videos.

I also have a storied career as a social media marketer, working first at a start-up, then at a small marketing agency, and finally landing brand-side managing B2B social media for a global marketing consulting firm. All of these have been full-time jobs, and I consider myself an expert on all things social media. I’ve worked on comprehensive social media strategies for a number of organizations (Kenmore, Craftsman, Head & Shoulders, New Balance, Kraft, Corona, Pacifico, LiftMaster, P&G, Omron, Subway, Nuveen Investments) across a variety of industries from concept to execution, and trained hundreds of colleagues on optimizing their digital brands.

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