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  • The Carry Out 5-22-17: “President Trump is pushing for peace by getting all the countries in the Middle East together to get into a war against Iran”

    The Carry Out is the nightly segment where Justin reads the news so you don’t have to. Tonight’s top stories include multiple fatalities being reported after an explosion in Manchester after an Ariana Grande concert, President Trump visiting the Middle East, North Korea and Iran saying they are ready to test ballistic missiles, three White House staffers being identified as the source for White House leaks, former NSA adviser Michael Flynn planning on pleading the 5th at any testimony in […]

  • Is President Trump having a successful trip to the Middle East?

    Touché! Political analysts Chris Robling and Tracy Sefl are back together and, as usual, there is a lot of political news to talk about! Tonight, Chris and Tracy discuss the explosion in Manchester following an Ariana Grande concert, President Trump’s budget proposal and President Trump’s first trip abroad. ABC News Radio’s Tom Rivers also calls in from London with the latest information about the explosion in Manchester. Follow Justin on Twitter and give him a like on Facebook. The Download with […]

  • Chicago Foundation for Women President K. Sujata: “When women succeed, we all succeed”

    K. Sujata, President/CEO, Chicago Foundation for Women, joins Justin to discuss the 100% Project, where the idea for the 100% Project comes from, trying to reach the goal of ending gender bias in Chicago by the year 2030, why we are seeing less women getting involved in the Chicago startup community and what it means for women and girls that President Trump’s proposed budget will slash a number of safety-net programs. Follow Justin on Twitter and give him a like on […]

  • Take a thirst-quenching trip to Malt Row for Chicago Craft Beer Week

    It’s Craft Beer Week in Chicago and Justin chats with Ross Outten of the Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce about the establishment of “Malt Row” which officially recognizes Ravenswood as home to Chicago’s greatest concentration of microbreweries. Why not take a ride on the Brown Line and grab a drink from some of the great spots including Half Acre, Band of Bohemia, Spiteful Brewing, Dovetail Brewing, Empirical Brewery, KOVAL and Begyle Brewing? Follow Justin on Twitter and give him a […]

  • Live from Studio 435: Ronnie Baker Brooks

    The great Chicago bluesman Ronnie Baker Brooks joins Justin to talk about his great career playing music in Chicago, where he developed his stage presence, what he learned from his father, the great Lonnie Brooks, the challenges he faced trying to live up to his father, what playing basketball taught him about being in a band, where Chicago currently ranks as a “blues city,” his latest record, “Times Have Changed” and his upcoming headlining show as part of the Chicago […]

  • The Download with Justin Kaufmann Full Show 5-22-17

    We have another great show to get this week started! On tonight’s episode of The Download, political analysts Chris Robling and Tracy Sefl break down President Trump’s first trip abroad, K. Sujata, President and CEO for the Chicago Foundation for Women, discusses her career being an advocate for women and girls, the hilarious Jon Glaser tells us about the new season of his Adult Swim show, “Neon Joe: Werewolf Hunter,” Ross Outten of the Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce tells us […]

  • Second City veteran Jon Glaser is Neon Joe: Werewolf Hunter

    The hilarious Jon Glaser joins Justin to chat about the 2nd season premiere of his Adult Swim series, “Neon Joe: Werewolf Hunter.” Jon talks about how the series was born after a comedy bit during an appearance on Jimmy Fallon, the pilot of the show being patterned after “Jaws,” the approach they used for writing the series, the relationship he has with Adult Swim and his show next week in Chicago at Thalia Hall. Follow Justin on Twitter and give […]

  • The Carry Out 5-19-17: “What else does Trump have to do for it to be proven that’s he’s trying to obstruct justice?”

    The Carry Out is the nightly segment where Justin reads the news so you don’t have to. Tonight’s top stories include a new report saying President Trump told the Russians that he fired “nut job” James Comey to relieve pressure on the investigation into his campaign’s ties to Russia, Illinois still on track for creating an “Obama Day,” J.B. Pritzker depositing a million dollars to a black-owned bank, Mayor Emanuel announcing a $389 million borrowing plan to finish the CPS […]

  • Steve Gadlin wants you to enjoy a delicious steak without the hassle of using a knife and fork

    Local genius, inventor, innovator and “Shark Tank” champion Steve Gadlin joins Justin for the monthly edition of “The Frying Pan!” Steve presents an exclusive idea to the WGN listeners and they get to decide if it is good enough to present to his principal investor Mark Cuban. Tonight, Steve’s idea is the Meatnana, which is essentially a big piece of steak surrounded by a banana peel. It’s convenient like a banana, but as delicious as a steak you would get in […]

  • What can be done to curb violence that is streamed online?

    Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin joins Justin to discuss what can be done to curb the use of social media for broadcasting crimes. Commissioner Boykin talks about his meetings with Facebook this week, the ways to get people to report crimes that they see on social media, the role that government can play in hindering online crime and harassment and the positive and negative consequences that social media has on the community. Follow Justin on Twitter and give him a […]