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  • The John Williams Show Full Podcast 06.08.18: Anthony Bourdain, Trump activities, Cabrini Green, flying 1st class debate, Brightside of Life

    John opens the show discussing the death of Anthony Bourdain.  Bourdain was a chef, storyteller, and writer.  He was found dead in his hotel room.  John shares an interview he once did with Anthony.  Trump says he doesn’t need to prep for his summit in Singapore.  “It’s about attitude” he said.  Ben Austen, author of ‘High Risers’ drops by to talk about his book which tells a story about Cabrini Green and American public housing.  He will also be attending  ‘LitFest’ this year.   British mom […]

  • Podcast Special: Listen here for John’s exclusive full interview with David N. Schwartz

    David Schwartz’s new book is The Last Man Who Knew Everything.  Appearing in Chicago at LitFest, Schwartz tells the story of Enrico Fermi, “the father of the nuclear age.”  This is a story of science and scientist, in the capable hands of a great story teller.  And of course, with Fermi as its subject, you know this is a story with deep Chicago roots.  Get this book and don’t put it on your science shelf.  Put it on your Chicago […]

  • The Chicago Fund for Safe and Peaceful Communities: 132 organizations awarded grants for summer and fall programs

    Since 2016 The Chicago Fund for Safe and Peaceful Communities has worked continuously in effort to help reduce gun violence in Chicago.  It consists of over 30 Chicago funders that has come together to support and fund promising and proven practices used against gun violence. This year 132 out of 300 applicants was awarded totaling $850,000.  Each community will have funded activities all summer through fall for all age groups. Two of the funders program officers, Tawa Mitchell (John D. […]

  • Chipedia Episode 19: Women with vision | Artist/filmmaker and black owned trolley tours

    As we close out Foster Care Awareness Month.  Visual artist and filmmaker Ginnie McKnight discusses her childhood being in the foster care system.   After being snatched away from her mother on her 7th birthday, Ginnie was forced to conquer life obstacles with little to no support.  Her resilience has brought her to being a well educated, accomplished artist and now you can add filmmaker to her dossier.   Ginnie talks about her invite from Canne Film Festival to submit her short […]

  • Brian Noonan Show 5/27/18: New Author , Juggernaut Founder, Big Wig Tacos and Waffle Stacking Pros

    In this full show during  Memorial Day Weekend, Brian talks to an author, a founder, restaurateurs and record breaking waffle stackers. Beth Jacobellis is a new author and recently released her book ‘Cameo‘.  Although this is a new book, she actually wrote it nine years ago.  Brian gets to the bottom of why she waited so long. Juggernaut Festival founder, Tiffany Keane joins Brian to invite sci-fi & fantasy fans to the 6th Annual Juggernaut Film Festival this year.  She […]

  • Chipedia Episode 18: The state of the music business in Chicago, Comedian Aries Spears, Steve Pemberton help bring awareness to foster care month

    The month of May brings plenty of things to do in the Windy City. PR, Vanessa Abron of Agency Abron  is putting on a panel discussion to talk about The State of the Music Business in Chicago.  The panel will feature Chicago-area  music business influencers that can help give insight on the music industry today. Guest host Keith ‘Smacks’ Dean and comedian Aries Spears talks about staying relevant in comedy and Aries upcoming show at Improv Chicago. Steve Pemberton and Mark Vadik […]

  • Finding refuge in music| Get to know: Storyteller

    Former refugee, Ephraim Bugumba, who now goes by the name ‘Storyteller’  is obviously no stranger to trial and triumph.  He was just a toddler when his family had to flee his home in Zaire due to the Makobola Massacre that claimed the lives of a recorded 600 people. Traveling from camp to camp during most of his childhood, Storyteller never really knew comfort or stability.  With his family being in America for 6 years now, he is ready to show […]

  • Opening doors for the future: Actress Daphne Maxwell Reid

    Prior to becoming one of our favorite sitcom moms on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Daphne Maxwell Reid was already making her mark in history.  She is a graduate of Northwestern University earning a degree in interior design and architecture.  May 3, 1968,  Daphne was among 100 students that organized a 38 hour sit-in inside of the schools bursars offices with efforts of gaining more relative things for African American students. This year Daphne was honored during the Northwestern University commemoration […]

  • Hometown Hero: Rapper Trae tha Truth takes matters into his own hands

    In the midst of touring the states while promoting his latest album “Hometown Hero,”  Trae tha Truth, a Houston bred rapper who is known to be vocal and active in the community stopped by ChiPedia with Marsha Lyles and Dometi Pongo. Due to Trae tha Truth’s outstanding work in the community and numerous projects, the rapper feel sometimes his music is outshined.  Understandably so,  when for the past 11 years an annual holiday known as ‘Trae Day‘ is hugely celebrated […]

  • Producer Marcos “Kosine” Palacios: From conquering defeat to not missing a beat

    If you hear the school bells ring in a song, just know it was produced by Chicago’s own, Marcos “Kosine” Palacios. 1/2 of ‘Da Internz’ production team and 9x Grammy nominated producer. In this episode with Marsha Lyles and Dometi Pongo, Kosine shares his struggles with failed attempts at Grammy wins and battling the ebbs and flows of the music industry. He’s gone from contemplating his music career on his Aunt’s couch to now sitting on a couch with fellow […]