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  • No Coast Cinema Ep. 9 | ​EhrynSka & Shea Hardacre from “Collective Failures”

    Tom Hush has left the helm of the No Coast Cinema ship this week, so Conor and Lise are left to steer – and they have a good old trip, thanks to this week’s special guests! EhrynSka and Shea Hardacre both star in Chicago-centric web series, Collective Failures, which spotlights the “underground” (air-quotes required) DIY music collective scene. Ehryn talks about deciding to write the show, guided by a Second City class… and follow through  on directing, producing and acting in it. […]

  • Legendary Chicago with Rick Kogan: From Billy Goat to “Bittersweet Place” to John Dillinger

    Tonight on After Hours with Rick Kogan, it’s all about the legends of Chicago. What better way to start than with Bill Sianis from Billy Goat Tavern? He talks about the age-old tavern, the broken curse & the burgers that are now available in Jewel Osco. Then, author Ronna Wineberg joins Rick in the studio to talk about her first novel, “On Bittersweet Place,” her journey to writing it and her fascination with the historic Chicago. Finally, Steve Sato joins […]

  • Chicago Film Society preserving films & Steve Sato preserving the memory of John Dillinger

    Steve Sato joined Rick in the studio to talk about Dillinger Day, and along with him, he brings Kyle Westphal, Rebecca Hall & Julian Antos from the Chicago Film Society. They talk about the fascinating world of film projection and the variation between playing movies on film versus in a digital format. Then, Steve Sato talks all about the upcoming anniversary of John Dillinger’s death and the “Dillinger Day” that remembers it, and then he dispels some myths regarding the […]

  • Ronna Wineberg: From lawyer to novelist of ‘On Bittersweet Place’

    Ronna Wineberg joined Rick Kogan in-studio to talk about her first novel, “On Bittersweet Place,” which tells a riveting story of a young Russian immigrant’s experience adjusting to life in Chicago. She tells Rick about how she moved from being a history major, to a lawyer, to a published novelist. She also told Rick about how she constructs her characters and story lines and why she chose to set the book in Chicago.

  • Billy Goat’s ‘Cheezborgers’ are coming to a Jewel Osco near you!

    Bill Sianis from Billy Goat Tavern joins Rick Kogan in studio. They talk about the age-old tavern, the broken curse & the burgers that are now available in Jewel Osco.

  • Saturday Night Special 7.15.2017 | Tattoo

    This week on the Saturday Night Special: the body art tradition that has a history richer than we thought and an ever-transforming social stigma. Amy talks tattoos. First, we hear the perspective of Human Resource consultant and expert John Hudson, who unpacks the myth that getting a tattoo means not getting a job, and speaks to the many leading corporations that actually embrace the individuality of their employee’s tats. Then, Anthropologist Dr. Kristin Krueger from Loyola University joined the conversation to talk […]

  • The Anthropology of Body Art: Tattoos past and present

    Anthropologist Dr. Kristin Krueger from Loyola University joined the conversation to talk about the deep historical significance of the tattoo and how tattoos past compare with those today.

  • Jon Hansen is On the Road: from road trips & marathons to the Drive-In

    Dane Neal is actually on the road this Saturday, so Jon Hansen sits in the driver’s seat for the On the Road program. He talks to his Dad about the amazing road trips they went on together when he was a kid, then he speaks to Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to run the Boston Marathon, about what she is doing now, some 50 years later. Jon also hears from Cory Jobe, Illinois Travel Director, about great roadtrips to do on […]

  • Startup Showcase: Technori Co-Founder and Phlearn CEO Seth Kravits

    Today on the show, Scott is joined by his old friend and long-time collaborator, Seth Kravits. They discuss their journeys, together and apart, to and throughout the start-out world. Then, they zoomed out to hypothesize on the future of media, technology and advertising.

  • The Kane County Fair Has it ALL!

    Kane County Fair President Larry Breon joins Dane to share all the action and excitement of Fair number 149! Hear about the rides, music, animals and County Fair Classics like Bull Riding and Demolition Derby…add in some of the biggest bands in Chicagoland like 7th Heaven and Hi Infidelity and you have more than enough fun for the whole family! For more information and to plan your visits to the year’s fair go to their website.