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  • Steve Cochran Full Show 06.19.17: Father’s Day hangover

    All of the fathers associated with the Steve Cochran Show said they had great weekends.  Steve got to see the world’s greatest grandchild, Abigail Grace, so his weekend was perfect. Sandberg had a good road trip to Michigan and you can see those pics HERE.  Ryan Nobles covers President Trump tweets and Dr. Most tells us how to get rid of deer tics.  Good times!  

  • Dr. Kevin Most: Summer is here…

    Well Summer is here and with summer we have issues of sunburn, heat stress and insect bites. We have touched briefly on sunburn and heat exhaustion so I thought a little info on insect bites would be helpful. First just some basics, most insect bites will cause the body to have a reaction. The insect will cause the body to feel trauma by a foreign object and will go to the area to protect it. It will cause swelling and […]

  • After Hours with Rick Kogan: Father’s Day with Steve Darnall, Jim Post, Lise’s Dad, Roger Badesch & Steve James

    Rick talked to Steve Darnall, publisher of Nostalgia Digest and host of “Those Were the Days” on WDCB 90.9 FM about the magazine’s latest swimsuit edition and the golden age of radio. Then, Rick read a story written by Jim Post about growing up with his Daddy. Then, Producer Lise interviewed her dad about his musical influences. Roger Badesch joined in to share part 3 of his life story. Last, but certainly not least, director Steve James told Rick about […]

  • Steve James’ fascinating new film “Abacus: Small Enough to Jail”

    Rick is joined by remarkably talented director Steve James from the likes of Hoop Dreams and Life Itself to talk about his newest film, “Abacus: Small Enough to Jail,” which tells the story of the only U.S. bank to face criminal charges in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. According to Rick, it’s “better than the best Law & Order episode.” We find out how it was making the film and why Steve found it to be so important to […]

  • The life of Roger Badesch: Part 3

    Roger joins Rick for the third installment of his fascinating life story. Here, he shares details on his involvement with the City of Chicago’s PR department in the days of Herald Washington.

  • Rick’s Producer Lise interviews her dad for Father’s Day

    For the Father’s Day episode of her podcast, Rick’s producer Lise sat down with her own dad to talk about his main musical influences. Rick graciously played some of the interview on his show – the portion where Lise and her dad focus on their mutual love with The Beatles. They even sing a little Beatles tune at the end of the segment. Listen to the full episode here.

  • Rick Kogan reads Musician Jim Post’s Ode to “Daddy’s Day”

    In honor of Father’s Day, Rick shared a story from Geneva-based folk musician Jim Post, who wrote about his much loved “Daddy” and how the man brought him up.

  • Steve Darnall: Nostalgia Digest’s Swimsuit issue and “Those were the Days”

    Steve Darnall is a true lover of nostalgia: he’s always been curious about old time radio & culture, largely thanks to his Dad. He joined Rick to tell his story on how he became publisher of the Nostalgia Digest, why they decided to start having a swimsuit edition & what is so special about his Saturday radio show, “Those were the Days” on WDCB 90.9 FM.  Then, Steve defines the Golden Age of Radio and comments on the state of […]

  • Steve Cochran Full Show 06.16.17: Nerding out

    Happy Father’s Day weekend to all the dads out there!  Today we had robots in studio and we played virtual Jenga.  We had a cool movie producer in studio, Billy Kats, talking about his awesome film A Season to Remember.  Steve Bernas warns us against business scams.  Dean Richards checks in from L.A. and President Trump weighs in on how things have been going since he has been in office.

  • Senator Dick Durbin: ‘You can’t incite violence’

    Senator Dick Durbin joins the Steve Cochran Show to talk about the shooting in Virginia, healthcare and the budget situation.  As for education, he says we need young people to be matched with the right schools in the right curriculum and not waste time on these for-profit institutions.