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  • John Cushing from Cushing Law Offices

    Attorney John Cushing from Cushing Law Offices joined Scott in the Allstate Showcase Studio to talk about his work, his family-owned firm and his commitment to Loyola University.

  • Vic Pascucci from Lightbank: No-nonsense approach to venture capital

    Lightbank Managing Partner Vic Pascucci joined Scott in the Allstate Showcase Studio to talk about the Lightbank origin story, the company’s impact on Chicago and how different it is to be centered in Chicago versus either of the coasts. Oh, and VP IV, aka Vic Jr. is following in his father’s entrepreneurial footsteps; check him on out on VictorTV!

  • Michael Asare from FeeBelly: catching hidden fees

    After over 10 years gaining experience in tech and computer science, Michael Asare decided to put his valuable skills toward starting an app called FeeBelly. This app finds costs that are hidden in the small print of agreements and contracts, so that you don’t have to comb through them yourself (or, more likely, scan right past them.)

  • After Hours with Rick Kogan: Chicago photographs, music, clocks and the making of Teddy Roosevelt

    Tonight on the program, Rick Kogan delved into the worlds of music, photography, clocks and history. To begin, publishers Richard Cahan and Michael Williams joined Rick in studio to talk about their new book, “Chicago: Classic Photographs.” Then, Ben Montalbano from local band Matthäus joined Rick and producer Lise to debut his band’s brand new song, “To the Years,” and talk about his upcoming EP. Jason Matthiesen from the Chicago Clock Company called in to talk about the business’ 100th […]

  • Ben Montalbano from Matthäus debuts song ‘To the Years’

    Rick Kogan and producer Lise were joined by composer Ben Montalbano from the likes of a freshly homegrown band, Matthäus. He told Rick about his band, their upcoming show at the Empty Bottle and he premiered their newest single, ‘To the Years.’ Listen to the song again and find out how to preorder their upcoming EP, Effigy here, and be sure to check out this week’s episode of Lise.FM, where Lise and Ben take a walk through his main musical influences.

  • Richard Cahan and Michael Williams on ‘Chicago: Classic Photography’

    To begin, publishers Richard Cahan and Michael Williams joined Rick in studio to talk about their new book, “Chicago: Classic Photographs.” They told Rick about how they managed to put together such a beautifully diverse collection of photographs and mentioned a couple of the photographers included in the book by name, including Stanley Kubrik and Mildred Mead.

  • Chicago Clock Company still ticking after 100 years

    Jason Matthiesen, President of the Chicago Clock Company joined Rick to talk about the amazing evolution of the company through the past century, how time telling has changed since then and share details on the big celebration in store.

  • William Hazelgrove: ‘Forging a President: How the Wild West Created Teddy Roosevelt”

    Friend of the show and esteemed author William Hazelgrove stopped by to tell Rick all about his fascinating new book, “Forging a President: How the Wild West Created Teddy Roosevelt.”

  • Brian Noonan Full Show 5/21/2017: Commencement, Teen text slang and Burgers & Wine from Morton’s

    In light of Vice President Pence’s controversial commencement appearance at Notre Dame, Brian started the show talking about graduation speakers. Then, Patrick Hoyle from Morton’s Steakhouse joined the show to share the restaurant’s very best burgers (and delicious wine) in honor of national burger month! Brian quizzes producer Lise on her teen text slang knowledge. Karen Conti joined for the last hour to help listeners with their law questions on surveillance & work discrimination.    

  • On the Road with Dane: Doug Boles, Darrell Waltrip, Tyler from Barenaked Ladies, Richard Blais & TJ Zizzo

    It was yet another jam-packed show On the Road with Dane. For starters, Dane chatted with Doug Boles, president of the Indianapolis Speedway. They talked about this year’s race and the mounting excitement of both drivers and fans. Then, Nascar Hall of Fame Driver and Fox Broadcaster Darrell Waltrip shared the build up for this weekend’s All Star Race, and talked about his career in racing and great causes and events coming up with MRO! Tyler Stewart of the Barenaked Ladies […]