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  • “Off the Record”: Former Time Magazine editor shares why government leaks can be a good thing

    Norman Pearlstine has personally known President Trump about thirty years. Before Trump’s presidency, he was always a public image in New York. Pearlstein says the media was important to him and he describes Trump as a “self-promoter.” Shortly before Trump was elected president, a Gallup poll indicated that “only thirty-two percent of Americans have a great deal or fair amount of trust in the media to report the news fully, accurately and fairly. Other polls point to public distrust of the media’s use of anonymous sources,” […]

  • Trump verbally attacked African countries and here’s what said a resident from Zimbabwe thinks

    Social media and news articles have been heavily covering President Trump’s “s***hole” comment yesterday. One Chicago resident, Coco, who is originally from Zimbabwe shares his personal experiences with Matt Bubala and Roger Badesch. He came to the U.S. on a Visa for employment and is in the final stages of becoming a citizen.  Other listeners call in discussing Trump’s support group percentage and what the future means for biracial children. Tune in for the conversation.

  • Matt Bubala Full Show 1-13-18: President Trump, news leaks and remembering WGN’s Milt Rosenberg

    In a meeting yesterday, President Trump labeled several African countries as a derogatory term. Tune in as Matt Bubala , Roger Badesch and listeners share their thoughts on Trump’s actions. Later on, Norman Pearlstine joins the show to discuss why news leaks could be good for the government. In this full show podcast, Matt Bubala and staff share memories of Milt Rosenberg, who passed away this week.  

  • What are the odds of impeaching Trump? Opposition researcher talks political candidates

    Future Martian and Democratic opposition researcher based in Texas, Sonia Van Meter joins Matt Bubala for the first show of 2018 to talk political candidates, the growing role of women in politics, Michael Wolff’s book and the possibility of President Trump leaving office.  One theory is that Democrats want Trump in office for as long as possible because Van Meter says, “Trump has done a lot for Democrats. He’s the gift that keeps on giving,  he can fundraise.  But other thing is, […]

  • Record cold temps, Michael Wolff vs. President Trump and ten reasons why winning the lottery is bad: Full Show 1-6-2018

    Tune in as Matt Bubala, Roger Badesch and listeners celebrate the first show of 2018! It’s only been six days into the new year, but Bubala shares the biggest stories making headlines. He talks record cold Chicago temperature updates with Roger and listeners and the possibility this has on global warming.  Later on, he talks about Michael Wolff’s new book about President Trump and listeners share their thoughts on Wolff’s credibility. Sonia Van Meter also joins the conversation for an hour. Following […]

  • Political wrap-up, New Year’s Resolutions, Danenberger Wines| Full Show (Dec 30th)

    In this full show episode, Patti Vasquez chats with listeners and Matt Bubala about starting a new year. Steve and Jonnie join the conversation to talk about their New Year’s Eve show. Later on,  Eric Elk, Ken Jakubowski and Dave Lundy join the conversation to discuss stories that made an impact throughout the year. At 1:30pm, Patti and Elliott Serrano chat with Susan Danenberger, owner of Danenberger Family Vineyards about the best wines to cheers 2018 with. Tune in!

  • Matt Bubala 12-30-17: New Year’s resolutions, Top 10 of 2017, new laws

    In this full show podcast, Matt Bubala, Roger Badesch, Jess Raines, Patti Vasquez and listeners wrap up the year! Matt discusses the top three resolutions for 2018 and shares the Top 10 favorite lists created. Later on, he talks about draft NHL picks and new state laws effective January 1. Tune in!

  • The Download with Mark Carman: A new year, new laws

    On this episode of The Download, Mark Carman fills in for Justin Kauffman. Tune in as he talks about the new state laws for Illinois beginning January 1, 2018. Mark also talks with a Bitcoin expert in the first half of the show. Dave Eanet wraps up the show live from Nashville talking about big games in sports this weekend.

  • Million dollar question: Bitcoin investments and the future of digital currency

    Bitcoin expert Susan Poole was named 2017 Top 10 Women in Crypto via Core Magazine. She joins The Download with Mark Carman to talk about the nitty-gritty of Bitcoin and what it means for the future. When Bitcoin was established in 2010, it costs eight cents.  At the beginning of 2017, it was roughly around one thousand. As Poole says, “the million dollar question” is figuring out whether or not people should invest in Bitcoin. Poole thinks Bitcoin is a […]

  • Science teammate for NASA says Kepler mission is “taking baby steps”

    Jason Steffen, associate professor in physics and astronomy in Las Vegas, joins Matt Bubala to talk about the latest Kepler announcement. “There were a couple of planetary systems that have been studied in the past, but there was someone teamed up with a collaborator at Google and they used machine learning to analyze data again. In doing so, they discovered a new planet in each of those system and they discovered an eighth one,” Steffen says. So where does the Kepler […]