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  • Talking Trump headlines and war movies

    In this full show podcast, Matt Bubala talks with guests Julia MacFarlane and Kady McFadden about the latest headlines from the White House. Earlier in the show, Roger Badesch and listeners reminisce on the best and worst war movies.

  • “Ten years of a news cycle in six months” BBC reporter Julia MacFarlane talks UK politics

    BBC reporter Julia MacFarlane joins Matt to discuss the differences in politics between the UK and the US. MacFarlane doesn’t understand why President Trump actually ran for office. She also isn’t sure what President Trump wants and if most of his strong talk should be taken seriously. Finally, with the consistent headlines regarding a potential impeachment, MacFarlane talks about if he would ever actually leave office before being impeached.  

  • The unequal playing field: why are women not running for governor?

    Kady McFadden says there are six female governors in the entire country and she thinks it’s an issue. McFadden, the Director of the Sierra Club of Illinois, talks to Matt about how we can break these barriers. One fact Kady points out is that when female candidates run for office they typically win. Even with this statistic success, many women are excluded for political and financial circles and decide not to run at all. She agrees with Matt that sometimes women are very hard […]

  • Matt Bubala Full Show 8-12-17

    In this full show podcast, Matt Bubala talks with Roger Badesch about what would happen if a nuclear war occurred. Later, Matt is joined by New York writer and bartender that shares stories about this old establishment. Derek Hills joins the conversation at 4am discussing marriage tips. Tune in!

  • The do’s and don’ts of marriage: D.C. writer predicted his friend would get divorced and was right

    Derek Hills recently wrote a guest piece in Solo-ish for the Washington Post describing the signs of why marriages fail. He uses his friend as an example, where he says, “if people want to do something, you do everything you can to facilitate that.” Hills’ friend was stunned that he told him to get divorced, even though there were obvious signs the couple should not be together. The relationship lasted long enough to have kids, when months later, Derek’s friend […]

  • The Enema Man: Prank caller becomes legend for oldest New York bar

    Rafe Bartholomew spent most of his childhood in a bar. McSorley’s Old Ale House has been open since 1854 and is the oldest established bar in New York, even during prohibition. John McSorley owned the bar and when he passed his children took over and named it McSorley’s Old Ale House in honor of John. Rafe Bartholomew, author of “Two and Two: McSorley’s My Dad, and Me,” describes his experiences working alongside his father at the bar, the history of […]

  • “Seventy percent of medical debt is held by people who are insured”

    The Democratic Socialists of America Convention is being held this weekend at the University of Illinois-Chicago until Sunday.  Los Angeles based writer and producer Natalie Shure joins Matt Bubala to talk politics of socialism and capitalism. Shure says socialism has a bad stigma because Americans grow up “targets of propaganda.” Shure feels socialism is an idea internalized for Americans based on constructed campaigns. In this segment, Shure debates the pros and cons of socialism versus capitalism. This Chicago native describes socialism as a […]

  • matt bubala

    Death, injuries at vacation resort are possibly due to tainted alcohol

    This week’s full show podcast includes Matt Bubala discussing recent reports state that American tourists may have been given tainted alcohol at all-inclucsive vacation resorts in Mexico, which have led to one death and others with serious injuries. Bubala talks with listeners about their thoughts on why this may be happening. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel posted this article.  Later, he talks with Roger Badesch and listeners about President Trump’s new communications director, Anthony Scaramucci (Mooch)’s first week in office and the latest […]

  • Twin Peaks fans are in for “more and more surprises”

    Author of “Reflections: An Oral History of Twin Peaks,” Brad Dukes, is at the Twin Peaks Festival in Washington, dishing details about the event to Matt Bubala. When the original show was aired in 1990, the pilot was filmed in Washington, which marks it the festival birthplace. The new season was released in May of this year. Dukes has been attending the festival since 1992, making this one his ninth trip.  He says since Nexflix started airing the new episodes of Twin Peaks, more fans […]

  • Matt Bubala

    One in, one out: Sean Spicer resigns, while Anthony Scaramucci is “going to do a lot of winning”

    This full podcast version includes Matt Bubala talking about the latest on weather conditions, politics and space.  As severe weather conditions are sweeping through the Chicago area, Roger Badesch updates listeners on flash flood warnings and travel times. On Friday, President Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer resigns from office and Anthony Scaramucci gets hired as Trump’s new communications director. Bubala recalls Spicer’s top seven moments in office and Scaramucci’s press conference. Later on, Jason Steffen joins the conversation to talk […]