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  • Is Mexico safe? Recent death reports raise concern, reporter says it’s important to be responsible

    Business Insider reporter Chris Woody joins The Matt Bubala Show to talk about an ongoing investigation of tourist hot spots in Mexico. The Journal Sentinel is reporting that families traveling to all-inclusive resorts may have left some Americans dead from tainted alcohol. Others have reported sexual assault. Two weeks ago, a family from Iowa were found dead in the condo they were staying at. Recent news releases have left people concerned about the risk of travelling to other countries and how much responsibility Mexico […]

  • Full Show 4-14-18: Syrian air strike attack updates with Roger Badesch, May’s press conference, Mexico travel advisories and news from Switzerland

    This full show podcast includes latest updates from Roger Badesch on the Syria attack and audio of British Prime Minister Theresa May’s press conference. May says hundreds died in the chemical attack and it is “clear about who is responsible.” Throughout the show, Matt talks with listeners about Trump and the future of his presidency, oil prices, and peanut allergies. Guest Chris Woody joins the show to talk about travel advisories and at 4am a listener joins the conversation from Switzerland.    

  • A Chicago Legacy: 100 years of Cantigny

    Director of Communications for The Robert R. McCormick Foundation, Phil Zepeda joins Hannah Stanley to talk about a piece of history that’s still in the making. Zepeda discusses the Colonel McCormick’s legacy and the impact on the Chicago area throughout the years.   This May marks the 100th anniversary of the battle of Cantigny. For more information on The McCormick Foundation or the Cantigny park and museum,  visit online or plan a visit.

  • Live from London: Entertainment reporter talks British Tony’s

    New York Post writer Johnny Oleksinski joins Hannah Stanley as she fills in for Dave Plier. Oleskinski chats with Hannah about his live coverage in London of the Oliver Awards today. Tune in to hear their talk about the movies nominated.

  • Hannay Stanley

    Full Show 4-8-17 Hannah Stanley: Stolen blood from a comic book legend, food expiration dates, Swedish Death cleaning

    This week, Hannah Stanley in for Dave Plier. Roger Badesh and Hannah talk about the mystery of comic book legend Stan Lee and his stolen blood that is being used to sign comic books in Las Vegas. In response to the Vegas shooting, he created Solvent DNA Ink to stamp his books. Also, Hannah shares a story about what happened to her seven year old daughter at school. At 2:30, Justin Breen joins the show live. Roger Badesch discovers what […]

  • Justin Breen talks about the “grind and hustle” of being a business owner

    Former DNAinfo writer Justin Breen joins Hannah Stanley, who fills in for Dave Plier. Breen joins the show to discuss his P.R. company, BrEpic Communications and the impact of hard work. Breen started up his firm about a year ago, where he finds great human interest stories for his clients and pitches them to mainstream media. Tune in to find out more!        

  • Matt Bubala Full Show 4-7-18: Matt’s taco goals, embarrassing movie scenes, helicopter parenting and freedom of speech

    This week, Matt and the gang talk to a sociology expert about Utah’s new parenting law and why Matt’s kids think he’s an embarrassing dad! Matt, Roger and listeners recap old movie scenes that could be potentially embarrassing. At 4 am, Matt does a final report on China’s falling space lab. Later on, Matt talks about the Virginia woman that gave Donald Trump’s motorcade the bird and got fired over it.  

  • Spacecraft graveyard: Expert says Earth’s re-entry of Tiangong-1 was coincidental

    Chris Gebhardt of joins the Matt Bubala Show once again to talk about the hours leading up to re-entry of a Chinese station,  Tiangong-1. A fireball streak was captured on a weather satellite. Gebhardt says even with all the uncertainty of where it would land, thee prediction was pretty spot on. Gebhardt says that debris of the space station came in over the Pacific, only a few hundred miles away from what is called a “spacecraft graveyard.” Gebhardt describes this […]

  • Sociologist talks Utah’s free range parent law and it’s double standard

    Jessica Calarco, assistant sociologist professor at the University of Indiana joins the Matt Bubala show to talk about Utah’s new free-range parenting law.  So far, Utah is the first state to legalize this, where the law states that parents will not be charged with neglect for allowing “a child, whose basic needs are met and who is of sufficient age and maturity to avoid harm or unreasonable risk of harm to engage in independent activities.” Is this new law really ‘letting kids […]

  • Author, digital currency creator talks the future of Bitcoin

    Money expert and computer scientist Sean Worthington joins the Matt Bubala Show to discuss bitcoin and the future of digital currency.  He is the author of Beyond Bitcoin: The Future of Digital Currency , where he discusses monetary systems. Worthington explains how past transactions cannot be deleted, so it tracks money from person to person. This process helps track how much the public is adding to the economy. Bitcoin had some highs and lows this year and Worthington explains to listeners why. […]