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  • Matt Bubala Full Show 10-21-17

    This week, Matt Bubala talks the mystery behind Cuba’s recent sonic attacks and pilot shortages with a U.S. Air Force Colonel.  Other topics include the worst Halloween costumes and Lara Trump on reading a transcript of President’s Trump’s phone call to the widow of a U.S. fallen soldier.  David Jennings fills in for Roger Badesch. Tune in!

  • Pilot shortage impacts smaller airports

    Yesterday, President Trump signed an executive order allowing a recall of retired pilots. U.S. Air Force Colonel and Military Fellow Council on Foreign Relations, Marty Reynolds joins Matt Bubala to discuss a pilot shortage.  Reynolds says the new order Trump signed will give the air force and the Department of Defense an option to “fill key staff positions.” He says this doesn’t appear to be mandatory and only twenty-five retirees are allowed to be brought back per service on an assignment basis. In an […]

  • The mystery behind Cuba’s sonic attack: One sociologist says it’s not likely

    Recent reports of the sonic attacks on Cuban diplomats have left reports vague and confusing. Robert Bartholomew, an American born medical sociologist currently living in Auckland, New Zealand says the mystery behind the sonic attacks is due to mass hysteria. Bartholomew explains mass hysteria as a placebo effect. He says, “you can make yourself sick or well, it’s the power of the mind.”  Looking at the case from afar, it looks real to the rest of the world.” Twenty-two people […]

  • Thinking twice about airline safety: author shares details of the Flight 981 crash

    The daughter and sister of airplane designers, Samme Chittum, re-tells the story in her book about The Flight 981 disaster on March 3, 1974. Chittum says she “approaches the book as a story” or a journalist.  She spent time looking at documents from the crash. Flight 981 was originally on a Turkish airliner  going from Paris to London. Builder McDonnell Douglas and the FFA knew there were mechanical flaws when passengers boarded the plane. The flight crashed into a forest in […]

  • Former FBI agent begins investigation of Anne Frank cold case

    Retired FBI detective Vince Pankoke is taking charge of one last case. He was approached about a project on Anne Frank’s cold case, so Pankoke and a data team are taking on modern techniques to solve the mystery.  Pankoke says the number one asked question during the Anne Frank house tour is what what led to the arrest.  Two investigations were done in 1947 and in 1963, but with “modern information and techniques with the FBI, there is room for […]

  • Change of laws and change of heart: Matt Bubala 10-7-2017 Full Show

    This week’s full show podcast includes talk about the second amendment. Nick Gillespie joins Matt Bubala and Roger Badesch to talk about gun control laws.  Later on, listeners join the conversation to share their thoughts. Throughout the show, Matt shares snippets of an interview with author Warren Zanes about Tom Petty’s life.

  • Should Americans have stricter gun laws? Libertarian says there is a decline in violent crimes from legal gun owners

    Editor in Chief Nick Gillespie of joins Matt Bubala to talk about gun laws and restrictions. Since the Vegas shooting, this libertarian shares thoughts on  whether or not Americans should have stricter measures on owning guns. Stephen Paddock bought all the guns legally before the shooting.” Gillespie feels that nothing could have been done to change the outcome of what happened in Vegas, because it’s hard to predict mass shootings and policy would “not have stopped the Vegas shooter.” He says the […]

  • Human Rights Campaign member talks on Trump’s administration saying employers can fire gays

    Human Rights Campaign (HRC) member Chuck Rowe joins Matt Bubala to talk about Trump’s Justice Department appearing in federal court last week to argue that employers should be allowed to fire gay people. Rowe says depending on the state a gay person lives in,  laws may or may not be protected. For example, Rowe grew up in Missouri, but now lives in the Chicago suburbs. In Missouri he says, “people don’t talk about it, there’s no protection there but it’s much […]

  • Full show: Hugh Hefner’s legacy, Trump’s death tax and more

    This full show segment includes a personal experience from a gay man talking about Trump’s administration allowing employers to fire gay people and travel stories from an American overseas. Later on, Matt chats with listeners and Roger Badesch on Hugh Hefner’s life and Trump’s death tax. Tune in!

  • Adventures abroad as told by an American writer

    Colorado based writer Sarah Rumple joins Matt Bubala live to talk about her experiences traveling abroad as an American. Rumple is in Amsterdam and has been overseas for a week, making stops in Paris and London. She talks about her favorite sights, the recent terrorist attacks overseas and perception of American politics. Tune in!