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  • The Alzheimer’s War: A Town Hall With Dean Richards

    Dean Richards hosts an in-depth roundtable discussion on Alzheimers Disease. In this program, titled The Alzheimer’s War, Dean welcomes in doctors, researchers and families affected to talk about the disease itself, the latest in research and what you can do to help fight Alzheimer’s. Dean also shares his 2012 interview with the late Glen Campbell shortly after his diagnosis. Fore more information please visit the Illinois Alzheimer’s Association Website. Or call 1.800.272.3900 Today’s panel includes: Theresa Dewey– Care Navigation and Early-Stage […]

  • Max Weinberg: Playing The Drums Like They Owe Me Money

    E Street Drummer and former Band Leader for Conan O’Brian, Max Weinberg, joins Jim Turano, in for Dean Richards, to talk about his upcoming performance at City Winery and his impressive career from rock stages to late-night TV. For more information on Max’s upcoming show ‘Max Weinberg’s Jukebox’, check out the City Winery Website!

  • Chicago Is Now The Best Restaurant City In America

    Senior Editor  for Bon Appetit and Chicago’s very own Julia Kramer joins Jim Turano, in for Dean Richards, to talk about how Chicago became the restaurant city of the year and what delicious spots you need to go to in the city!

  • The Boss Takes On Broadway!

    Author and Biographer Dave Marsh joins Jim Turano, in for Dean Richards, to talk about his life documenting Bruce Springsteen, the announcement of ‘Springsteen on Broadway’ and what the legacy Bruce Springsteen has made on rock history.

  • Far-Flung Forecast Takes Us To Glen Campbell’s Home, Delight, Arkansas

    On today’s Far-Flung Forecast, Jim Turano, in for Dean Richards, talks with Dave Schwan about the late Glen Campbell’s childhood home of  Delight, Arkansas and his legendary career and impact in pop-culture.

  • ‘Elton’ Jim Turano Takes The Stage In ‘And Then There Were None’

    Director of ‘And Then There Were None’ Jay Fonanetta talks with Jim Turano, in for Dean Richards, about the Agatha Christie novel coming to life and his role in the show!

  • Dean Crashes The Show

    Jim Turano fills in for Dean Richards today, but it was not for long as Dean stops by at the top of the show to make sure everything is going according to plan as Schwannie and Jim have already started singing!

  • Dean Richards’ A-List Interviews: John Boyega And Will Poulter From ‘Detroit’

    Dean Richards shares his conversations with the stars of the new movie Detroit,  John Boyega and Will Poulter.

  • Chef Jeff Mauro And The Exciting And Delicious Pork And Mindy’s 2.0

    Chef Jeff Mauro of Pork and Mindy’s and the Food Network joins Dean Richards to talk about the new Pork and Mindy’s 2.0, a new and exciting restaurant concept reshaping the already popular Wicker Park barbecue staple. They also go over some of the great new menu items and tips for barbecuing at home!

  • Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like It’ At The First Folio Theatre: A Story Under The Stars

    First Folio Theatre  brings you Shakepeare’s As You Like It LIVE and OUTDOORS at the Mayslake Peabody Estate Mansion. Dean welcomes in the director Skyler Schrempp and the stars of the show Leslie Ann Sheppard (Rosalind) and Vahishta Vafadari (Celia)  and Courtney Abbott (Touchstone the Clown) to talk about the latest take on one of Shakespeare’s classic romances. They also talk about the excitement and difficulty of doing theater outdoors.