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  • Bill and Wendy Bonus Hour 04-24-17

    On today’s bonus hour, Bill Leff and Wendy Snyder talk with WGN’s Steve Dale about the advances in cancer research and detection with the help of dogs. Bill and Wendy also discuss Michael Reagan’s (Ronald Reagan’s Son) comments about Bill O’Reilly, the recent sexual harassment allegations involving Fox News’ Sean Hannity, celebrity death hoaxes and they close the show talking about the career of Jack Nicholson on his 80th birthday.

  • Bill and Wendy Full Show 04-24-17

    Today’s guests include Holocaust history expert Joshua Greene and the Chicago Tribune’s Eric Zorn. Bill and Wendy also talk about forcing religion on kids, the death of Erin Moran of Happy Days, and golf balls in your hash browns.

  • “When We Turn Away From Our True Self, We Can Fall Very Far”: Understanding Holocaust Remembrance Day With Joshua Greene

    Holocaust history expert and author of Justice at Dachau: The Trials of an American Prosecutor, Joshua Greene, joins Bill Leff and Wendy Snyder to discuss Holocaust Remembrance Day and what we should learn from the atrocities to move towards a better world. Joshua talks about the history of the Holocaust , the roots of how an event like this could ever occur, and discusses how human morality and the Holocaust co-existed.    

  • MinimumWageDollars-HartfordCourant

    To Tip Or Not To Tip With Eric Zorn

    The Chicago Tribune’s Eric Zorn joins Bill Leff and Wendy Snyder to talk about his recent encounter involving the always confusing question “should I tip?” They discuss his article and poll asking when and where someone should tip and ask listeners about their tipping habits.  

  • “Elton Jim” extols the eating and tasting benefits of the “Spork” and calls for a “National Only Child Day”

    In this 49th episode of “Elton Jim” Turano’s “CAPTAIN POD-TASTIC,” Jim Turano explains the benefits of the “forgotten” eating utensil — the “Spork.” This half-spoon/half fork provides both stabbing and scooping food all in one easy-to-use utensil, and Jim wants more people to discover its uses and make it a “must have” on supper tables. And upon finding that April 10th was “National Siblings Day,” only child “Elton Jim” feels overlooked and calls for a “National Only Child Day.” And […]

  • I’m Spiritual Dammit | Dr. Ian Smith

    Jen talks with NYTimes best-selling author Dr. Ian Smith about his research on sugar addiction, and how we can blast the sugar out of our lives and thrive.

  • Dean Richards’ A -List Interview: Kurt Russell

    Dean Richards talks with actor Kurt Russell about his latest work in The Fate of the Furious and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

  • Take A Ride On A Magic Carpet With Disney’s “Aladdin” On Broadway In Chicago!

    Jonathan Weir, who plays the iconic Jafar in Broadway in Chicago’s Aladdin, joins Dean Richards to talk about the new Disney production at Chicago’s Cadillac Palace Theatre.

  • Letterman Had An Impact On The Way People Understood Comedy

    Dean Richards talks with author Jason Zinoman about his book Letterman: The Last Giant of Late Night. They discuss David Letterman’s legacy in late-night TV and how he distinguished himself as a new kind of talk show host. What is your favorite memory of David Letterman?

  • Recent Terrorism Has Played Right Into The Hands Of Marine Le Pen

    Journalist Mark Mistry joins Dean Richards LIVE from Bordeaux, France to give the latest on the French Presidential Election and its impending impact on Western politics and how terrorism abroad, Brexit and the election of President Donald Trump may play a role in the voting.