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  • The John Williams Show Full Podcast 03.28.17

    John starts by giving you an update on his moving process, and gets a little bit of help from his friend, Mr. Fix It – Lou Manfredini. Then, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Nuclear Weapon Physicist Greg Spriggs tells us how his team gathered a set of old nuclear test films, and how they’ll help the industry today. John buys airfare for a Super Duper Airlines flight, on which dress code is unusually specific. Washington Post Senior Political Reporter Aaron Blake […]

  • CNET Executive Editor Ian Sherr: Facebook creates a Town Hall platform

    If you don’t know who your state lawmakers are and/or you want to get in touch with them, refer to the new Facebook tab through which you can do just that. It’s called Town Hall, and it will help you remain a good citizen by reminding you about voting dates, too. CNET Executive Editor for the West Coast Ian Sherr explains the new feature so you can take advantage.

  • Washington Post on Chairman Devin Nunes: “He’s gone out of his way to…excuse or downplay allegations that have been made against the White House”

    Obama-appointed attorney Sally Yates was urged not to testify to the House Intelligence Committee amid the investigation of possible ties between the Trump administration and Russia. And Representative Devin Nunes has been asked to recuse from the investigation due to actions of his own last week. Washington Post Senior Political Reporter Aaron Blake gives us today’s “big story” in White House news.

  • AirlineTicketKiosk-KSWB

    Thank you for flying Super Duper Airlines

    John buys an airfare ticket for a Super Duper Airlines flight. He will be allowed on the plane so long as he dresses a certain way…

  • Greg Spriggs of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory: 50 cameras at a time were used to film nuclear weapon tests

    The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has uncovered vintage nuclear test films from the time span between the 1940s and the 1960s. About 6,500 of them were found and matched to their original data. The lab’s Nuclear Weapon Physicist tells us how those films were made and why they’ve only been uncovered this month.

  • Getting to Yes, And… | Dr. Keith Sawyer, University of North Carolina – Tapping Group Genius

    Kelly talks to creativity scholar Dr. Keith Sawyer whose experience working with improvisational troupes in Chicago in the 1990’s led to a lifelong fascination with the science of how we use improvisation to create original and innovative ideas.

  • The John Williams Show Full Podcast 03.27.17

    From proper attire on the plane, to a health care vote that slumped, John covers it all in just two hours. He updates you on his move into a new Chicago home and you tell him where you think he should go. Then, listeners educate John on why it’s imperative that the relative of an airline employee absolutely must follow a dress code. Bloomberg Congressional Reporter Anna Edgerton helps us understand what happened Friday when the American Health Care Act […]

  • Bloomberg Congressional Reporter Anna Edgerton: Policy details cost votes to repeal and replace Obamacare

    From constituents’ pleas to keep the Affordable Care Act, to a Republican vote that ruined the chances of passing a Republican bill, Bloomberg Congressional Reporter Anna Edgerton explains just what happened on Capitol Hill Friday, and what could be in the books next. []

  • The John Williams Show Full Podcast 03.24.17

    Shortly before President Trump’s American Health Care Act is pulled, John Williams reaches out to both sides on this crucial day in America. First, John convenes with Senator Dick Durbin to find out how repealing and replacing Obamacare would maim Americans, but Indiana Republican Congressman Jim Banks provides him with benefits from the new health bill. John steps back from the health bill vote briefly to ask Heidi Stevens why ads on the L are screaming “feminine hygiene” and he […]

  • Indiana Republican Congressman Jim Banks calls the American Health Care Act “A far cry from a repeal of Obamacare”

    Congressman Jim Banks lists the benefits of the proposed American Health Care Act, an effort to repeal and replace Obamacare, and responds to a grim report released by the Congressional Budget Office.