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  • The Pastry Chef with Three Guinness World Records & Giant Pumpkin Contest

    Chef Alain Roby- Owner of All Chocolate Kitchen The only Pastry Chef to hold three Guinness World-records (Tallest Chocolate Sculpture, Tallest Sugar Sculpture, and Longest Candy Cane), 17th Annual Giant Pumpkin Contest & Activities- Roger Freeman, Board of Director and Commodities/Marketing Team Member Cook County Farm Bureau Award the most novice pumpkin growers with 3 cash prizes in the adult and youth divisions and 3 cash prizes and ribbon await local honey producers who enter their local honey in this […]

  • Creating A Cozy Autumn Atmosphere and The Largest Leadership Program For Youth

    Interior Designer Rae Duncan  Incorporating fall colors and  Extending the outdoor season. People wanting to enjoy the outdoors longer: A fire pit is a must. Lieutenant Colonel Brian Gerber  The U.S. Army has over 150 career options: Some of the careers available in the Army include doctor or nurse, attorney, engineer, pilot, astronaut, Olympic athlete, counterintelligence, vehicle mechanic, musician, and chaplain. Cadet Nguyen & Recruiting Operation Officer Joey Miner  J.R.O.T.C is one of the largest leadership program for youth in the […]

  • Steve Cochran Full Show 09.15.17: It’s all the way you look at things

    It’s Friday and we heard the most incredible story about a girl name Maddy that we wish we could have met.  Hear her dad tell her story HERE.  Willie Geist talks about his upcoming interview with Elizabeth Moss, Dean Richards gives our a Dean’s List “F” and we recap the Haute Dog | Chicago.  Coach Fitz and Hamp talk football and gubernatorial candidate Chris Kennedy stops by the studio.  Enjoy the weekend!

  • Gubernatorial candidate Chris Kennedy: ‘It’s not about money now, people have learned.’

    Gubernatorial candidate Chris Kennedy stopped by the Steve Cochran Show to talk about the announcement of his running mate, Ra Joy, if he thinks money is an important factor in campaigning against someone like JB Pritzker and if he thinks he needs to ‘kiss the ring’ when dealing with Mike Madigan.

  • Steve Cochran Full Show 09.14.17: Fast Fairways

    Listen to The Steve Cochran Show weekdays 6-10am!

  • Children Can Play A Huge Part In A Divorce

    Relationship Expert Love McPherson Talking about how to avoid a divorce & Why Relationships hit a dead end.  

  • Designing After A Divorce With Renowned Interior Designer Kara O’Connor

    Kara O’Connor Interiors   Talks about a fresh new perspective & environment after a divorce.        

  • Create Your Perfect Workspace “The struggle is to address the function while not sacrificing on beauty”

    Founder of Donna Mondi Interior Design in Chicago Streamline the space When your office is part of the living room: Should be incorporated into the design of the room itself, not just a table and a chair or an obvious office distinctly quartered in a private space. Unify form and function “Our rule of thumb is use neutral and timeless tones throughout the interior architecture and play with your favorite pop color for accents.

  • Grab-And-Go Eating Options, Largest Baby Show In The Country & Award Winning Switch Driver

    The Cubicle Chick  Danyelle Little School is back! Let’s talk grab-and-go eating options and recipes that will settle down frantic Moms and hungry kids! Largest Baby Show  in the country Thousands of expecting parents, anticipating to see a showcase of the top brands, inspiring speakers, seminars, and the opportunity for giveaways, bonding and more. Mima A high-end brand that is showcasing this year. Mima is a high-end, luxury stroller and high-chair brand that makes are sleek, safe, and easy for […]

  • Outdoor Entertaining & Avoiding The Dangers of Common Lawn Hazards

    PAPER SOURCE– General Merchandising Manager Patrick Priore                                             Outdoor Décor Tips. Give tribute to the end of summer! Yes, autumn is right around the corner, but enjoy the summer weather while it lasts Details matter! From decoration to food to presentation and more, create the perfect vibe to keep guests raving about your party for weeks. ESPOMA ORGANIC COMPANY –    David Miranda talks to John Harrison about Safe Paws Campaign. To Equip pet owners with tips to keep pet’s & children safe outdoors by avoiding […]