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  • Steve & Johnnie hosting their 6,227th radio show! Steve & Johnnie invite you to their book signing on Thursday 11/30/17 from 7pm-8:45 at McHenry Public Library.  Dr. Patrick Crispen- Assistant professor of clinical medical education and director of educational technology Keck school of medicine oF USC Talking hot tech gifts, avoiding cyber scams, black Friday deals, Cyber Monday. (Wireless smart speakers/voice activated personal assistants, game consoles & Amazon Shopping)

  • Steve & Johnnie with Guitar Geek Gifts (Joel Paterson & Muriel Anderson)

    Steve & Johnnie hosting their 6,227 radio show on Thanksgiving Day!  Terry Straker- Owner of Guitar Works in Evanston. Small business Saturday, guitar geek gifts and Thanksgiving day shopping specials. Guitarist and harp-guitarist Muriel Anderson is host of the renowned Muriel Anderson’s All Star Guitar Night ® and founder of the Music for Life Alliance charity. She is the first woman to have won the Natio­nal Fingerstyle Guitar Championship and tours in the USA and internationally year round. […]

  • Chef Bannos “The First 30 minutes of Turkey in Oven Should Be At 500 Degrees”

    The owner of Seven on heaven, Chef Bannos talks about how to make the perfect turkey and side dishes.                

  • The Needs Of Women During Menopause

    The director of the center for sexual medicine and menopause at Northwestern Hospital Dr. Lauren Streicher joins the show to talk about the new clinic & needs of women.      

  • PeteAndreaSpectatorPlaza

    Rossen To The Rescue Could Save You Time & Money

    As a National Investigative Correspondent and NBC News contributor, Jeff Rossen set out to find out. Surviving air disasters, home invasions, locked cars and cheating claw games are just some of the things he knows. In his book ROSSEN TO THE RESCUE he shares what he learned about them, and more.

  • Better Business Bureau Holiday Shopping Tips

    Before you start buying all those gifts on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you should make sure you’re not only really getting a big deal, but protecting yourself from scams and potential identity theft. Better Business Bureau of Chicago CEO Steve Bernas has a few red flags to watch out for.

  • Urban For Suburban “Real estate is personality driven” & House Astrologer Talks About the ‘Inner Home’

    Residential Real Estate expert Alison Bernstein- Founder and President of Suburban Jungle, a strategic relocation firm dedicated exclusively to helping young families leave URBAN for SUBURBAN.  Talking about what are the big questions everyone should explore? Astrologer Anne Nordhaus-Bike- Brought some light & joy to the show, talking everything related to real estate “inner home”and an update on what’s happening with the planets these days.  We’ve had some major shifts recently that have brought changes that are affecting everyone, with […]

  • Preparing Home to Age In Place

    Architect Michael Menn- Interior designer, home builder/remodeler and a Certified Aging in Place Specialist. Older home owners overwhelmingly prefer to age in place, which means living in the home safely, independently and comfortably, regardless of age or physical ability level. Michael will discuss the design features- Materials and products and explain how living in the home long-term can be a reality for seniors.    

  • Fermenting Your Homemade Probiotic Beverage & Chef Sean Curry

    Guide to Fermenting Your Own Probiotic Beverages at Home Alex Lewin is a graduate of Harvard, the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. He seeks to create a healthier and tastier world. An array of innovative recipes – Fermented foods have taken the world by storm, as they help improve digestion, enable us to better assimilate vitamins and minerals and strengthen the immune system. Thanksgiving segment with Chef Sean Curry New Executive Chef from […]

  • Winterize Your Home With Décor Aid

    Décor Aid Designer Meg Lavalette It’s important to get your home or apartment ready for the cold weather. Like: Put your Ceiling Fan in Reverse & Add an Area Rug & Add Blankets to the Living Room.