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  • Associated Bank Market Outlook: 6/20/18

    On June 20th, 2018 Steve Grzanich shares today’s potential market drivers: The MBA Mortgage Applications are out today The EIA Petroleum Status Report is out today The Commerce Department releases Q1 Trade Deficit The National Association of Realtors shares the Existing Homes Sales for May

  • The Opening Bell 6/20/18: Companies Paying Big Money for A “Bug-Bounty”

    Towing the line of business and politics is a difficult task, but yesterday that line seemed to be blurred with the trade, immigration, and small business talk from the government. Steve Grzanich checked in with Heather Long (Economics Correspondent at The Washington Post) to discuss the impact of a trade war that is inching closer to happening. Steve then shifted his focus to cyber security with Jack Cable (Owner of Lightning Security) who is shedding light on the “bug-bounty” industry […]

  • The Wintrust Business Lunch 6/19/18: Global Finances, Lendr, & Women Owned Intren Shaking Up The Industry

    Keeping up with Jon Najarian can be challenge because money is global and so is he. Jon joined Steve Bertrand live from Monaco to share his insight into today’s market . Tim Roach then joined the program to explain how Lendr helps small businesses succeed, with Jason Tafler helping busy people utilize biofeedback meditation from Unyte, and Kelly Tomblin is shaking up the traditional with her female led utility contractor company – INTREN.  

  • Associated Bank Market Outlook: 6/19/18

    On June 19th, 2018 Steve Grzanich shares today’s potential market drivers: The US Census Bureau publishes the Housing Starts for May FedEx, La-Z-Boy, and Oracle reports earnings today while American Outdoor Brands reports tomorrow A Senate Finance Committee Meeting on Tariffs will happen today as well

  • The Opening Bell 6/19/18: The Monthly Cost Breakdown of Retirement

    The Farmers Market season is underway, but for farmers, the marketing side the business can be a daunting task. Steve Grzanich previewed the season and the first Direct Agricultural Marketing Summit with Jen Cheek (Executive Director at The Farmers Market Coalition) to learn about how farmers can find success through productive marketing. Arielle O’Shea (Investment Retirement Specialist at NerdWallet) then joined Steve to discuss the break down of the average monthly cost for retirement and what falls in the typical […]

  • Wintrust Business Lunch 6/18/18: Bike Share Room For Growth, 2018 M & D Report, and Students Reporting Students

    The first show in the new studios marks the next chapter for Steve Bertrand with the Wintrust Business Lunch, and what better way start it by kicking things off with Jim Dallke and Katherine Davis from Chicago Inno to touch on the big push from the bike share industry. Jerry Murphy explained why manufacturers are experiencing some growing pains with the Internet of Things and Randi Shaffer shared how a new app could help students report suspicious activity in schools.  

  • Associated Bank Market Outlook: 6/18/18

    On June 18th, 2018 Steve Grzanich shares today’s potential market drivers: The NAHB Housing Market Index is out today A hearing today to decide the South Dakota vs Wayfair could be shared today FedEx is expected to report earnings tomorrow with American Outdoor Brand on Wednesday

  • The Opening Bell 6/18/18: The Newest Co-Living Building Coming To Chicago

    Across the country, cities are faced with challenging living situations for young professionals but a solution could be on the horizon. Co-living is a trend that is on the radar of many in big cities and Medici Living Group is capitalizing on that. Steve Grzanich sat down with Bosko Todorovic (Head of Global Marketing and Communications at Medici Living Group) to talk about their latest addition to the co-living lifestyle with their QUARTERS building in the West Loop opening up […]

  • JobInterview-HartfordCourant

    Wintrust Business Lunch 6/15/18: Promotions Without Raises, Summer Productivity, & 2018 Agora Sneakerball

    Jon Hansen closed out the week of The Wintrust Business Lunch with Andrea Hanis to discuss the delivery driver industry going crazy, and the overwhelming number of employees who would pass up a pay raise for a promotion. Tom Gimbel reminded workers how to stay productive during the distracting summer, while Dr. Kwame Foucher told Jon some of the best non-water hydration options for the hot weekend ahead and both LaRoyce Hawkins & Kevin Williams shared the details behind the 2018 […]

  • Associated Bank Market Outlook: 6/15/18

    On June 15th, 2018 Steve Grzanich shares today’s potential market drivers: The Federal Reserve shares data on Industrial Production for May The Consumer Sentiment and Treasury/US Capital reports are out today Empire State Manufacturing Survey is out today as well.