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  • Associated Bank Market Outlook: 10/20/17

    On October 20th, 2017 Steve Grzanich shares today’s potential market drivers: National Association of Realtors report on existing homes sales for September The Labor Department reports on  state unemployment rates for September National Economic Club Annual Dinner is tonight    

  • The Opening Bell 10/20/17: Southwest Expands Service To Hawaii

    Recapping the week’s economic news, Paul Nolte (SVP & Sr. Portfolio Manager at Kingsview Asset Management) pointed out the most important happenings and also looked back on when he was working during the “Black Monday” 30 years ago. Rick Seaney (CEO of then provided good news for bargain flyers as he detailed the new Southwest location to Hawaii.    

  • Wintrust Business Lunch 10/19/17: Eveny’s Food Love, Facebook Regulations, & Best Money Moves

    Opening up a restaurant can be difficult, and even more difficult if the neighborhood has had issues in the past. Evelyn Shelton is helping to revamp a neighborhood while creating comfortable food at Evelyn’s Food Love. Then Bill Geiger joined Steve in studio to remind him about proper retirement practices, Roger Cheng detailed how Facebook could see regulations from the government in the near future, and Ilyce Glink is looking at how Americans are working harder for longer.    

  • Associated Bank Thought Leader: John Horton

    For many, mortgages are still the biggest financial burdens in people’s lives, while personal and student debt looms close behind. Ever case can be different, and thankfully, John Horton (SVP & Sr. Lending Manager at Associated Bank) told Steve about all the changes on the mortgage and lending front. The Associated Bank Thought Leader touched on the potential tax reform changes, spouses with troubling credit, & why Illinois might be able to handle a 10% in the real estate market […]

  • The Opening Bell 10/19/17: Who Will Win The Amazon HQ2 Race?

    Before student debt was leading financial worry for American’s, 30-year mortgages were what many young people thought about on a month to month basis. Those Americans are now steadily into paying off their mortgages and looking to see how they can lower payments thanks to the Associated Bank Thought Leader, John Horton (SVP & Sr. Lending Manager at Associated Bank). Steve then previewed the the Amazon HQ2 race to land the second headquarters where Chicago could be a strong front […]

  • Associated Bank Market Outlook: 10/19/17

    On October 19th, 2017 Steve Grzanich shares today’s potential market drivers: The US Labor Department reports on the number of people who applied for unemployment benefits last week Freddie Mac releases weekly average mortgage rates Today is the anniversary of the “Black Monday” market crash from 1987 Pitches for Amazon’s HQ2 are due today  

  • Wintrust Business Lunch 10/18/17: Tax Reform, Connecting Champaign to Chicago, & Disability Employment Awareness

    Running the economy is a difficult job and one of the most difficult factors is tax reform. Steve and Terry Savage talked through their ideas that might help further the economy (spoiler alert: they disagree with each other). Frank Sennett then jumped on the program to provide the most up to date news on Chicago’s business including the story of a new Toyota plant passing over Illinois, and Laura Wilhelm helped spread the message about October being National Disability Employment […]

  • The Opening Bell 10/18/17: Could We See Another “Black Monday”?

    Do you remember Black Monday? If not, it was the biggest economic disaster before the 2008 market drop, and it was 30 years ago. Steve chatted about the historic single day drop of 23% with Heather Long (Correspondent at The Washington Post) and if there could be another crash on the horizon. Dr. Riaz Tejani (Assistant Professor of Legal Studies at University of Illinois Springfield) then provided some perspective on the law school sector and how for-profit schools are creating […]

  • Associated Bank Market Outlook: 10/18/17

    On October 18th, 2017 Steve Grzanich shares today’s potential market drivers: New residential construction numbers, housing starts and building permits are released today Federal Reserve’s Beige Book is shared today The 19th National Congress of China’s ruling Communist party meets today  

  • Wintrust Business Lunch 10/17/17: Netflix’s Production Promise, Congress Theater Renovation, & Chicago Inno Awards

    For Steve Bertrand and Jon Najarian the market story of the day isn’t the Dow reaching 23,000, but Netflix releasing their earnings at the end of yesterday and shooting for the stars in 2018. Andrew Herrmann then joined Steve to talk about the pesky Congress Theater in Logan Square, Suzanne Muchin shared her thoughts on the reach of the kneeling protest in the NFL to the most recent stance from students at Howard University, and Luke Tanen previewed the upcoming […]