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  • Rick Kogan chats with author Justin O’Brien

    Rick Kogan talks on the phone with author Justin O'Brien about his book, "Chicago Yippie! '68." Justin shares the story that led to his experiences as a 17-year-old, the memories created during his journey, and one crazy Wednesday night in August of '68.

  • Rick Kogan talks with actress Jennifer Engstrom

    Rick is joined in-studio by actress Jennifer Engstrom to talk about her performance as Dorothy Parker. Jennifer's performance on May 21st, 7pm will be for A Red Orchid Theatre Spring Fundraiser at the American Writers Museum. Jennifer elaborates on her role and her past performances.

  • After Hours with Rick Kogan: The written works of Bob Hartley, Justin O’Brien and actress Jennifer Engstrom’s next performance

    Tonight on the program, Rick is joined in studio by author Bob Hartley to talk about his novel, "North and Central". Actress Jennifer Engstrom visits the studio to discuss her performance at the American Writers Museum. Justin O'Brien discusses his book "Chicago Yippie! '68" and Roger Badesch gives us more of his life story!

  • Amy Tara Koch says overpacking is the biggest waste of time

    Travel expert Amy Tara Koch joins Pete McMurray after her trip to London! They talk about the Royal Wedding, Meghan Markle and the overall fascination with the Royals. Later on, Amy gives her tips to avoid overpacking on your next trip. You can follow Amy on Instagram here.

  • John Vincent is one of Pete McMurray’s favorite people!

    Singer John Vincent joins Pete McMurray to tell his awesome story! John shares the road that led him to sing the National Anthem for the Chicago Cubs, the World Series and for Chicago's favorite coach, Mike Ditka. Vincent also discusses his tale of overcoming anxiety and depression.

  • Rus Bradburd tells a story of basketball, tragedy, courage and endurance

    Author and former college basketball coach, Rus Bradburd joins Pete McMurray! Rus discusses his 4th book, “All the Dreams we’ve Dreamed”, which chronicles the tragedy that has occurred around the Marshall University men’s basketball team and focuses on Shawn Harrington. Pete also discusses Bradburd’s upcoming appearance at Printers Row Lit Fest and his time coaching NCAA basketball.

  • Pete McMurray Full Show 05.20.18: Author Rus Bradburd, singer John Vincent, travel expert Amy Tara Koch and much more!

    WGN Radio's Pete McMurray steps in this Sunday and recaps the royal wedding, talks with listeners about tipping and who you should give a little extra to, author Rus Bradburd stops by to talk about his new book, John Vincent joins Pete to share the story that led him to singing at the World Series, travel expert Amy Tara Koch gives travel tips on overpacking for your next flight and much more!

  • uhPARENTLY Ep. 1 | Ghosts in the Nursery, Shanna Donhauser, advice from Steve Cochran and much more!

    Have you ever heard of "ghosts in the nursery?" Apparently, the parenting styles of our moms and dads haunt us as we raise our kids. And sometimes we introduce our own ghosts to our unsuspecting children. Shanna Donhauser is a clinically trained social worker and psychotherapist who founded Happy Nest Therapy in Seattle. She joins Tracy Heuvelman Weiner and Anne Johnsos, two old-school WGN producers, as they tackle the topics of life's most difficult and rewarding job: parenting. P.S. You'll get a special slice of advice from WGN's morning-drive host, Steve Cochran.

  • B2B-Ep. 35 Alberto Bianchi and Wine Making at Newton Vineyard

    Kristen sits down with Alberto Bianchi, Winemaker at Napa Valley's Newton Vineyard. Alberto traces his winemaking journey from Italy to New Zealand to Napa Valley, highlighting vineyard management in Napa and around the world. Plus, the Barrel to Bottle team tackles your listener Q&A about neutral oak barrels and their use in wine, spirits and beer production.

  • Legal Face-Off Supreme Court Panel, State Representative Lou Lang on the Equal Rights Amendment, Inside Out Columnists on leaving a legacy and much more

    Carolyn Shapiro, founder and co-director of Chicago-Kent's Institute on the Supreme Court of the United States and Dr. Adam Feldman of Empirical SCOTUS join the show to talk about significant Supreme Court decisions including one legalizing sports betting. Illinois State Representative Lou Lang discusses his efforts to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. Abrams, Fensterman Executive Partner Carolyn Reinach Wolf discusses an important recent case involving the liability of colleges when students commit suicide. Chicago Lawyer Magazine Inside Out’s David Susler joins his co-columnist Tina to talk about the importance of leaving a legacy. In the Legal Grab Bag, Tina and Rich cover breaking legal developments involving Prince, Jay-Z, law school news and whether chimpanzees enjoy habeas corpus rights.