Jim Turano 11.15.17: National Pickle Day, Treacherous Drives, Pumpkin vs Maple

Elton Jim Turano's Captain Pod-Tastic

Elton Jim Turano (in for Nick Digilio) kicks off the show talking about his recent appearance at Treetime with the Dean Richards show and a debate on whether now is a good time to put up Christmas decorations. He then talks about yesterday’s National Pickle Day and Fitzgerald’s ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ pop-up bar.

Hour two features Jim talking about some treacherous drives he’s experienced while going up mountains while also taking calls and texts from WGN listeners across the U.S. and world.

Hour three concludes the driving talk including a hilarious story involve the wrong person to tell these driving tales to and why Jim thinks you should still visit Lake Tahoe. He concludes the show discussing pumpkin being the premier autumnal flavor but being challenged by a new upstart in maple.