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Allstate Kid of the Week: Megan B.

Our Allstate ‘Kid of the Week,’ Megan B., is a total rockstar!  On December 30, 2015, Megan was diagnosed with stage 4 alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma cancer; a rare form of cancer with a frightening prognosis.

She is currently undergoing a second round of chemo, radiation and surgery at Lurie’s Children’s Hospital. Throughout this grueling battle Megan’s amazing attitude and warrior’s strength has become legendary and inspirational.   While waging her own fight, Megan has become very focused on her mission to bring awareness to, and find a cure for, childhood cancer.   She founded the Megan Bugg Concert Series to benefit cancer, and organized toy drives for fellow cancer patients at Lurie’s.

Recently, she teamed with the company Ivory Ella (www.ivoryella.com/collections/featured-charity) to design and create her own collection of items; specifically created to benefit childhood cancer, raise money to support research, and bring awareness to childhood cancer.

Check out the following link meganbuggsjourney.wordpress.com to read more about Megan’s journey, lovingly chronicled by her dad, Kent.