Live blog: Bears at Ravens

We’re live blogging the Chicago Bears at the Baltimore Ravens.

Joe Romano October 15, 201711:56 AM

Kickoff is approaching in Baltimore… Don’t forget to set your fantasy lineups! Then read the latest from Adam Hoge to get you ready for Bears-Ravens:

Joe Romano October 15, 201711:57 AM

The Bears catch a break as one of Baltimore’s playmakers will not be available:

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 201712:03 PM

John Fox will not shave until the Bears win again. 

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 201712:04 PM

Nice third down stop for the Bears D.

Joe Romano October 15, 201712:05 PM

Great punt from Baltimore pins the Bears inside the 10.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 201712:06 PM

Not sure what Kristina Pink said on that sideline report. Bears are young, I think?

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 201712:07 PM

Always nice to see Ed Hochuli on the field. 

Joe Romano October 15, 201712:08 PM

True. And it’s even better when he makes a call that gives the Bears a first down!

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 201712:10 PM

Nice third down conversion by Trubisky! 

Joe Romano October 15, 201712:11 PM

Great throw by #10

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 201712:11 PM

I think Trubisky-Gentry will be a winning combination today. 

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 201712:11 PM

Solid two runs by Tarik Cohen to give the Bears another first down.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 201712:14 PM

Bears drive comes up short, but a good punt pins the Ravens down deep in their own territory.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 201712:15 PM

Joe Romano October 15, 201712:17 PM

I like the idea of the no-huddle offense, despite not converting on 3rd down.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 201712:19 PM

Trevathan with the sack! Welcome back!

Joe Romano October 15, 201712:19 PM

Great series from Danny Trevathan

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 201712:21 PM

Would love to see the Bears create some turnovers today. This tweet from Adam Hoge early in the week is very telling.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 201712:21 PM

Joe Romano October 15, 201712:22 PM

Yikes! And Baltimore is near the top of the league in interceptions.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 201712:23 PM

Nice run by Howard to start this series. Let’s get the running game going today.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 201712:23 PM

Also, my fantasy team would appreciate a Howard TD or two.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 201712:24 PM

Third target to Gentry. Zero completions.

Joe Romano October 15, 201712:25 PM

Gonna want to block Suggs

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 201712:25 PM

The Bears are not going the right way.

Joe Romano October 15, 201712:26 PM

Solid 3rd down play call. Still well short of the first down marker.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 201712:28 PM

Joe Romano October 15, 201712:32 PM

Leonard Floyd played really well Monday night. Continues that today by forcing a hold.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 201712:32 PM

Trevathan is fired up today. 

Joe Romano October 15, 201712:32 PM

Hopefully not too fired up. Don’t want to see him get suspended again…

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 201712:33 PM

Looks like the Bears had some sort of trick play called on the punt return that never materialized.

Joe Romano October 15, 201712:33 PM

Bears showing potential for a reverse on the punt return with Eddie Jackson and Tarik Cohen both deep.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 201712:34 PM

End of first quarter and we are scoreless.

Joe Romano October 15, 201712:35 PM

First quarter poll: Who had the better punter?




peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 201712:36 PM

I’m going with the Ravens punter because his name sounds like one of the finest singers of all time. 

Joe Romano October 15, 201712:37 PM

Hahaha, yes!

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 201712:38 PM

Four penalties for the Ravens already. Bears need to take advantage of the miscues.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 201712:39 PM

Terrific run by Trubisky. Bear now 1st and 10 at the Baltimore 12.

Joe Romano October 15, 201712:39 PM

MT10 showing some athleticism on 3rd down scramble 

Joe Romano October 15, 201712:41 PM

Interesting 3rd down formation

Joe Romano October 15, 201712:41 PM

3 backs and a TE split out wide

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 201712:41 PM

Trubisky just looks like he has command of the huddle. I like that.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 201712:42 PM

Barth connects on the FG and the Bears lead 3-0.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 201712:43 PM

Happy to see Trubisky show some restraint on that third down play and not try to force a bad pass.

Joe Romano October 15, 201712:43 PM

Absolutely. Very composed for his 2nd start. No reason to force it there. Take the 3 points. Especially early on the road.

Joe Romano October 15, 201712:44 PM

And the defense has been able to rest. Baltimore with just one first down so far.

Joe Romano October 15, 201712:46 PM

Big run for the Ravens. You can call me Captain Jinx.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 201712:46 PM

I never start any of my fantasy players when they are playing the Bears. That is why Collins is on my bench right now. 

Joe Romano October 15, 201712:47 PM

I had Maclin playing in 2 leagues until about 11:50.

Joe Romano October 15, 201712:48 PM


peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 201712:48 PM

Yes! Turnover!

Joe Romano October 15, 201712:50 PM

Still no interceptions, but they’ll take ’em however they can get ’em.

Joe Romano October 15, 201712:54 PM

Quick 3 and out.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 201712:54 PM

Joe Romano October 15, 201712:54 PM

Not a good year to be a captain…

Joe Romano October 15, 201712:58 PM

Kyle Fuller has been impressive this year after a mysterious 2016 season.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20171:00 PM

Callahan with an INT and impressive return. Will it stand? Is it going to be challenged?

Joe Romano October 15, 20171:00 PM

Regardless of whether it stands, they may have gotten away with an illegal hit. Didn’t see any flag for hitting a defenseless receiver.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20171:03 PM

Wow! Tarik Cohen with a TD pass to Miller!!!!

Joe Romano October 15, 20171:03 PM

Dowell Laggains reaches into the bag of tricks for another great play call

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20171:04 PM

Looking forward to Adam Hoge’s deep dive into the history of that play call. 

Joe Romano October 15, 20171:05 PM

Trubisky now tied for 2nd on the team in TD passes this season.

Glennon: 4

Trubisky/O’Donnell/Cohen: 1

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20171:05 PM

I know Cohen is getting a lot of credit for that pass, but let’s not overlook that catch by Miller.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20171:07 PM

Bears get a break as a dropped Ravens pass leads to fourth down and a punt.

Joe Romano October 15, 20171:08 PM

Baltimore is 0-6 on 3rd down. Bears get a chance to increase their lead heading into halftime.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20171:08 PM

Bears up 10-0 with two minutes left in the first half.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20171:10 PM

Is there a problem with beavers destroying pants?

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20171:12 PM

Trubisky sacked so the Bears have to punt away.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20171:13 PM

1:40 left in the half. Let’s keep the Ravens from getting some points here.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20171:15 PM

Flacco converts on 3rd and 7 to keep their drive going. 

Joe Romano October 15, 20171:16 PM

Flacco on target this drive.

Joe Romano October 15, 20171:16 PM

Ravens use their final timeout with :55 remaining in the half

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20171:20 PM

Christian Jones with a questionable unnecessary roughness call. Keeps the Ravens drive alive.

Joe Romano October 15, 20171:20 PM

Bears first penalty is a costly one.

Joe Romano October 15, 20171:21 PM

14 seconds remain. A sack could end the half.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20171:21 PM

Bears D bends but does not break. Ravens on for a FG attempt. 

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20171:24 PM

Bears head to the locker room with a 10-3 lead and get the ball to begin the 2nd half. 

Joe Romano October 15, 20171:24 PM

Give the Hoge and Jahns voicemail line a call and let them know what you thought about the first half. 312-222-5050.

Joe Romano October 15, 20171:27 PM

And tune into WGN Radio to listen to Hamp, OB and Koz after the game ends.

Joe Romano October 15, 20171:27 PM

Joe Romano October 15, 20171:40 PM

Howard with a big run on 3rd and 1.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20171:40 PM

Three nice runs by Howard to start the second half. Bears offense keeping it simple. Setting up play-action.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20171:43 PM

Bears first drive of the second half stalls around mid-field. Offense failing to convert on third down. Trubisky had time, but no open receivers.

Joe Romano October 15, 20171:43 PM

Ravens 3rd defense has been strong. Solid coverage across the board.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20171:44 PM

Not too surprising, I guess, when your top receivers are Gentry, Bellamy, Miller, etc.

Joe Romano October 15, 20171:45 PM

Agreed. Shaheen should be a mismatch nightmare, but he’s hardly ever on the field.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20171:45 PM

Yeah, what’s with Shaheen? Is blocking an issue with him?

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20171:46 PM

Sack for the Bears! Bears front four/seven looking strong today.

Joe Romano October 15, 20171:47 PM

The defense has been swarming to the ball too.

Joe Romano October 15, 20171:49 PM

Trubisky with just 2 completions thus far. The gameplan clearly is to run the ball, but I want to see him air one out this drive.

Joe Romano October 15, 20171:51 PM

8:57 to go in the 3rd quarter. Kendall Wright has the first catch by a wide receiver for the Bears.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20171:54 PM

Trubisky! TD pass to Sims! 

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20171:55 PM

Enjoyable TD celebration to boot.

Joe Romano October 15, 20171:56 PM

Joe Romano October 15, 20171:58 PM

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20171:59 PM

Wait, what just happened here?

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20172:02 PM

Well, that is deflating.

Joe Romano October 15, 20172:03 PM

Tough break for the Bears. That being said, can’t get caught ball watching. Gotta play to the whistle.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20172:04 PM

And Benny Cunningham is not good at tackling.

Joe Romano October 15, 20172:06 PM

Trubsiky’s best play of the day results in no yards gained, just preventing the Ravens from scoring.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20172:06 PM

Phew! Bears got lucky there. Horrible snap to Trubisky, but was able to retrieve the ball and throw it away before any damage.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20172:07 PM

Probably a good idea to play it safe there. Bears offense looked confused the entire series.

Joe Romano October 15, 20172:08 PM

Yep. Baltimore was in the backfield the entire possession.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20172:11 PM

There goes my fantasy football season.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20172:11 PM

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20172:13 PM

Strong showing from the Bears defense today. 

Joe Romano October 15, 20172:15 PM

Bears having some success running right up the middle of the Ravens’ defense.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20172:16 PM

Oh no! Cohen fumbles and Ravens recover!

Joe Romano October 15, 20172:17 PM

Didn’t take much for Weddle to knock that out of Cohen’s hands. Have to be stronger with the ball.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20172:19 PM

Joe Romano October 15, 20172:20 PM

Bad day for special teams. McManis and Cunningham injuries in addition to allowing the kickoff return for a TD.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20172:21 PM

Fourth quarter begins with the Bears leading 17-10. Baltimore driving deep in Bears territory.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20172:21 PM

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20172:22 PM

Remember when Bears special teams were a strength? Dave Toub?

Joe Romano October 15, 20172:23 PM

We talked about him on the most recent episode of Hoge and Jahns. Toub deserves a head coaching job.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20172:24 PM

Flacco was about five yards beyond the line of scrimmage on that one. Bad play.

Joe Romano October 15, 20172:25 PM

Bears benefit from a boneheaded play by Flacco.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20172:26 PM

Ravens convert the FG. Bears lead trimmed. Now up 17-13.

Joe Romano October 15, 20172:32 PM

Fumble or incomplete pass?

Joe Romano October 15, 20172:32 PM


peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20172:32 PM

Another turnover forced by the Ravens. Trubisky didn’t have a chance on that one.

Joe Romano October 15, 20172:34 PM

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20172:34 PM

Bears trying to hand the Ravens a victory.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20172:35 PM

Time for the defense to come up big again.

Joe Romano October 15, 20172:38 PM

4th and short for the Ravens…

Joe Romano October 15, 20172:39 PM

Timeout Baltimore. Will they go for it or play field position? Their defense has played really well the last couple possessions.

Joe Romano October 15, 20172:40 PM

Leonard Floyd finally playing like a top 10 pick. He has been a terror for RTs the last couple weeks.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20172:41 PM

That was an unexpected turn of events!

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20172:41 PM

Bears INT by Amos who returns it for a TD!

Joe Romano October 15, 20172:41 PM

Adrian Amos’ first career interception is a pick 6

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20172:41 PM

Terrific defense by Fuller too. Solid game today.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20172:42 PM

90 yards! Wow!

Joe Romano October 15, 20172:42 PM

Both interceptions for the Bears have come on tipped balls. #TipDrill

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20172:43 PM

PAT is good and Bears lead 24-13 with 5:08 remaining.

Joe Romano October 15, 20172:44 PM

Great stat from the Fox analyst — I believe it’s Ronde Barber. Kyle Fuller has been targeted nine times today, has allowed just one completion.

Joe Romano October 15, 20172:47 PM

Joe Romano October 15, 20172:48 PM

The guy who took Amos’ job was impressed by that INT.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20172:51 PM

Another good play by Fuller.

Joe Romano October 15, 20172:51 PM

Kyle Fuller with another pass breakup.

Joe Romano October 15, 20172:52 PM

Bears hand Baltimore a first down on 4th & 4 by jumping offsides.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20172:52 PM

Oh boy. Floyd a little too anxious. Offsides penalty gives the Ravens another set of downs. 

Joe Romano October 15, 20172:53 PM

Getting to the point where it’s surprising that Flacco continues to throw to Fuller’s side. Basically ignores everything to his left.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20172:55 PM

50 yard FG by Tucker is good. 24-16 Bears.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20172:56 PM

2:56 left to play. Bears just need to sustain a drive and will earn their 2nd victory of the season.

Joe Romano October 15, 20172:56 PM

One first down by the Bears should be good enough to seal the deal for the Bears. May need two.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20172:58 PM

Crucial 3rd and 1 coming up for the Bears. 2 minute warning.

Joe Romano October 15, 20172:59 PM

Keep it simple. Run the ball, make Baltimore use their last timeout even if you’re not able to get the first down.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20173:01 PM

Howard stuffed on 3rd and 1. Bears to punt it away giving the Ravens and Flacco one more shot.

Joe Romano October 15, 20173:02 PM

Ravens make the stop. O’Donnell on to punt.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20173:02 PM


Joe Romano October 15, 20173:02 PM


Joe Romano October 15, 20173:02 PM


Joe Romano October 15, 20173:03 PM

Ravens need a two-point conversion to tie after returning a punt for a TD

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20173:03 PM

And the Ravens convert. Game tied with 1:37 left.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20173:03 PM

Time for Trubisky to win it for the Bears.

Joe Romano October 15, 20173:04 PM

As disappointing as it is to the Ravens comeback. It’s beneficial for the Bears to see Trubsiky in another two-minute drill situation.

Joe Romano October 15, 20173:05 PM

Crowd has come to life in Baltimore. I wonder how many people left early…

Joe Romano October 15, 20173:08 PM

Jordan Howard runs it out of bounds allowing the Ravens to get the ball back.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20173:08 PM

Not a smart play there by Howard. Won’t take much to get in Tucker’s range.

Joe Romano October 15, 20173:09 PM


peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20173:10 PM

Can’t believe the Ravens threw it in the middle of the field on that play. Time ran out on em. Heading to overtime tied at 24.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20173:10 PM

Joe Romano October 15, 20173:11 PM

Joe Romano October 15, 20173:12 PM

Marion Barber ran the ball out of bounds in a kill-the-clock situation in Denver a few years ago. Led to the Bears not making the playoffs and Lovie Smith losing his job.

Joe Romano October 15, 20173:14 PM

Bears start with the ball in overtime. 1st and 10 from their own 20.

Joe Romano October 15, 20173:16 PM

Trubisky sacked on 1st & 20. Long way to go for a first…

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20173:18 PM

Not a good time for a shank.

Joe Romano October 15, 20173:18 PM

Muffed punt from O’Donnell. Ravens only need a field goal to win.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20173:19 PM

Ravens start their drive at their own 40.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20173:21 PM

The 6th 3-and-out for the Ravens. Bears get the ball back.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20173:22 PM

Bears start the next drive at their own 7.

Joe Romano October 15, 20173:22 PM

Howard with a monster run!

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20173:22 PM

Howard refuses to give up and barrels down the line for a huge gain!

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20173:23 PM

53 yard run. Ball on Ravens 40.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20173:23 PM

Dangerous pass by Trubisky. Lucky there wasn’t a pick-6 there.

Joe Romano October 15, 20173:24 PM

Trubusky avoids the pressure and finds Wright in the middle of the field for the first down.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20173:25 PM

Amazing pass from Trubisky to Wright! Avoided a heavy rush and Wright makes a great grab. Definitely in FG position.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20173:27 PM

Here we go! Barth to attempt a game-winning kick. 

Joe Romano October 15, 20173:27 PM

Jordan Howard’s 37th rushing attempt sets the Bears on the left hash for a 40-yard game winning FG attempt

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20173:27 PM

BARTH! Bears win!

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20173:28 PM


Joe Romano October 15, 20173:28 PM

First win for Mr. Biscuit.

peterzimmermanwgnam October 15, 20173:28 PM

Tune in to 720 for the BEST Bears post-game with Hamp, OB & Koz.