Steve Dale’s Other World | Janice Gonzalez

(Courtesy: Steve Dale)

Setting a standard for what you can do with the resources you have is the SPCA Puerto Vallarta. This is a no-kill animal sanctuary found on the outskirts of Puerto Vallarta, which takes in street dogs and abused dogs, and transforms them back to health (if need be) – no matter what it takes. Then, the dogs are adopted to homes mostly into homes Canada and the U.S.

Most dogs find forever homes fairly quickly, but some dogs – those with special needs – take some time. It doesn’t matter. Once taken in by the sanctuary, they will be safe at the SPCA Puerto Vallarta. No compromising – the SPCA PV sets a standard. Gonzalez explains how this place began, and how you may even volunteer if you happen to be in Puerto Vallarta.