The Sunday Spin: Politics with Rick Pearson Full Show 9/17/17- Terry Cosgrove, Todd Maisch, and Sam Toia


On this edition of The Sunday Spin:

Terry Cosgrove, president and CEO of Personal PAC, stops by to talk about the controversy over legislation that would expand taxpayer subsidized abortions under state employee health insurance and Medicaid–a bill the governor has said he would veto after initially supporting its goals as a candidate.

Then, Todd Maisch, president and CEO of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce, chimed in on the Sunday Spin hotline to talk about state’s current business climate and the contest to get Amazon’s 2nd headquarters.

After that, Sam Toia, president of the Illinois Restaurant Association, joined the show. Sam and Rick talk about the upcoming 10th anniversary Chicago Gourmet festival, as well as issues like immigration and the Cook County, sweetened beverage tax.