WGN Radio live at Chicago Podcast Festival

WGN Radio showcases six podcasts at the Chicago Podcast Festival on Saturday, October 7, 2017 over two shows at 7pm and 9:30pm at the Old Town School of Folk Music (4545 N. Lincoln Avenue in Chicago)! Tickets are $25 per show or $40 for both shows. Come be part of the audience, hear your favorite WGN Radio podcast live and discover something new!

BUY TICKETS ONLINE HERE or call the box office at 773-728-6000.

7pm show: “Getting to Yes, And”, Nick Digilio, John Williams and The Mincing Rascals

Second City Works “Getting to Yes, And” hosted by Kelly Leonard
“Getting to Yes, And” features interviews with visionaries, authors and leaders who operate at the intersection of creativity and commerce. Inaugural guests include Neil Stevenson, Managing Director of IDEO Chicago cognitive psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman who authored the book “Wired to Create” and Dartmouth scholar Sydney Finkelstein, author of “Superbosses.”


Nick Digilio
A native Chicagoan with a loyal, cult following, Nick Digilio has worked his entire media career with WGN Radio. Digilio began reviewing movies on The Roy Leonard Show in 1985 and became known as “the guy who likes bad movies.” The Nick Digilio Show features pop culture, current events, reviews films and highlights everything and anything Chicago. Hear a live edition of “Would Esmeralda Leon Buy That” in which Nick Digilio, the show’s crew and the audience will guess if the adventurous traffic reporter Esmeralda would buy odd items found online.


John Williams and The Mincing Rascals
WGN Radio host midday host John Williams and a crew of journalists, writers, wise guys and wise gals discuss the latest news topics with expertise and wit.



9:30pm show: Guth and Huppke on Politics, Sound Sessions, I’m Spiritual, Dammit with Jen Weigel

Guth and Huppke on Politics
The weekly political podcast by Chicago Tribune columnist Rex Huppke and WGN Radio’s Amy Guth. Guth and Huppke sort out all that’s happening in American politics, make fun of it where appropriate and search for some form of sanity.



Sound Sessions with Michael Heidemann
Music Journalist and Radio Host, Michael Heidemann talks ALL things music, from long form interviews with all your favorite bands to concert/festival/album reviews and all the best new music you should be listening to!



I’m Spiritual, Dammit with Jen Weigel
A podcast for the spiritually curious, I’m Spiritual, Dammit takes on the topics that people want to talk about but are afraid to talk about. Award-winning broadcast journalist Jen Weigel converses with some of the greatest minds in spirituality – from nationally-known mediums to insightful authors who have had experience with the other side.