The John Williams Show Full Podcast 07.24.17: Red light camera settlement, Handyman Poker, “Failing New York Times,” Racist e-mails

John Williams (Stephanie Menendez / WGN Radio)

The city of Chicago owes back $38.75 million in settlement funds for red light camera tickets, thanks to Attorney Jacie Zolna. John asks him how those impacted will learn of their eligibility and more. Then, John plays a tough game of Handyman Poker with Steve Bertrand. Listeners pool their votes. University of Minnesota Media Ethics Professor Jane Kirtley gives John her thoughts on the accusation made by “Fox & Friends” to New York Times, prompting a request for apology from the newspaper. Finally, after five years of racist e-mail exchanges were discovered between Chicago water department board members, Chicago Tribune Reporter Todd Lighty describes those exchanges.