Jay Jaffe’s ‘Cooperstown Casebook’ re-evaluates players in the Hall: “I know I’m not going to please everybody”

(MacMIllan Publishing)

Mark Carman and Andy Masur are joined by Sports Illustrated national baseball writer Jay Jaffe, who talks about his new book The Cooperstown Casebook: Who’s in the Baseball Hall of Fame, Who Should Be In, and Who Should Pack Their Plaques.  Jaffe talks about using his proprietary ranking system JAWS (Jaffe WAR score) to help evaluate players across different eras to accurately measure their contributions, putting “cheating” into perspective amid the stigma of the Steroid Era, looking at fringe cases like Mark Buerhle and Adrian Beltre, his thoughts on Sammy Sosa getting completely stonewalled by the BBWAA, and more.