Saturday Night Special 7.15.2017 | Tattoo

John Hudson and Ben Wahhh join Amy to show off their ink

This week on the Saturday Night Special: the body art tradition that has a history richer than we thought and an ever-transforming social stigma. Amy talks tattoos. First, we hear the perspective of Human Resource consultant and expert John Hudson, who unpacks the myth that getting a tattoo means not getting a job, and speaks to the many leading corporations that actually embrace the individuality of their employee’s tats. Then, Anthropologist Dr. Kristin Krueger from Loyola University joined the conversation to talk about the deep historical significance of the tattoo and how tattoos past compare with those today.  Finally, tattoo artist Ben Wahhh from Deluxe Tattoo answered all of Amy and John’s questions about working in the business, designing tattoos….and fixing them.