Rags of Honor’s new “Cup ‘o Joe”

Mark Doyle and his lovely wife Kip from Rags of Honor joined Steve and the gang in the studio. They brought along with them some of their delicious “Cup ‘o Joe Cold Brew.” Rags was involved with this year’s Leon’s World’s Fastest Triathlon and they have over 50 disabled veterans who compete. 



Below is the Leon’s Triathlon broadcast schedule.

To find your channel, go to http://www.csnchicago.com/channel-finder

CSN              Sat 7/1/17 1:30 PM

CSN              Sun 7/2/17 4:30 PM

CSN              Tue 7/4/17 1:30 PM

CSN PLUS    Thu 7/6/17 5:00 AM

CSN PLUS    Fri 7/7/17 5:30 PM

CSN PLUS    Sat 7/8/17 5:00 PM

CSN PLUS    Mon 7/10/17 9:00 PM

CSN              Sat 7/22/17 1:00 PM