Adler After Dark: All-Star on July 20

Adler After Dark is Adler Planetarium’s monthly 21+ social event that offers adults exclusive access to the museums and the exhibits, including sky shows, live music, multiple bars, hands-on programs, special guests, talks and more!

All-Star is the theme for the next Adler After Dark program on Thursday, July 20 from 6:30pm – 10:30pm. It will explore the intersections of sports and space. Highlights include a special pop-up exhibit with memorabilia from the Chicago Sports Museum, visits from fan-favorite mascots including Skates the Gray Wolf (Chicago Wolves), Sparky (Chicago Fire), Staley Da Bear (Chicago Bears) and Southpaw (Chicago White Sox), prize giveaways that include signed items from the Chicago Blackhawks and Chicago Cubs and programs that will test your athletic ability on Earth and other planets!

WGN Radio host and Chicago Bears reporter Adam Hoge will engage in a discussion with Northwestern University researcher Adam Miller about sports in space. Hoge and Miller will explore how athletes perform seemingly superhuman feats – but are still limited by forces like gravity and friction – and how the games we know and love like baseball and golf would be very different in micro-gravity and other places in our solar system. The talk “Jump Higher, Fly Farther: Sports on Earth & Beyond” will take place at 8:30pm in the Samuel C. Johnson Family Star Theater.

Tickets for Adler After Dark: All-Star are available now at

Adler After Dark events are sell-outs, so get your tickets in advance so you don’t miss out. Your ticket includes all shows and special programs at the event. Insider tip: to attend the Adam Hoge and Adam Miller discussion, be sure to get to the Star Theater at least 10-15 minutes early.