No Coast Cinema Ep. 6 | Ruby Western & Kayla Ginsburg, “Afternoon Snatch”

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This week on No Coast Cinema, hosts Tom Hush and Conor Cornelius welcome Ruby Western and Kayla Ginsburg, co-creators of the hilarious webseries Afternoon Snatch.

Afternoon Snatch is an unapologetically queer web comedy about heartbreak and the importance of community. Following Annie (Ruby Western), the humor editor at a local feminist magazine, Afternoon Snatch navigates one awkward situation after another while highlighting the importance of identity, friendship and love.

Ruby and Kayla discuss the origins of the series, including the very real life situation that inspired it and the importance of creating art that speaks and celebrates the queer community.

Plus, the very first edition of “Missing Reels” and Tom and Conor comment on Sony Pictures recent idea to sell “clean” versions of films.

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